Doing coffee right — consistent quality while turning a profit and making your customers happy — is far from easy. But at Black Oak, we’ve learned a thing or two over the years. We’re roasting award-winning coffees and serving them up daily in an exciting, dynamic menu of drinks that keeps our loyal customers coming back for more.

Here in Mendocino County we have a thriving culinary playground with top winemakers, ranchers, and farmers producing some of the nation’s most sought-after products. Being a small community of makers and artisans, we all mingle — and inevitably that passion for quality cross-pollinates. And there are plenty of advantages to being off the beaten path: you and your customers can enjoy exciting coffees sourced and roasted to the high bar set in urban coffee meccas, but you don’t have to you absorb the high cost of a big-city roasting operation.


A customized program to meet your tastes


Help finding the best gear for the budget


Dialing in equipment & training staff


A wide selection of coffees for everyone to enjoy

High on Quality,
Low on Snobbery

Our sourcing team sorts through hundreds of coffees to find only the best, while our roasters work to build out a coffee lineup that puts equal emphasis on pristine quality and accessibility. We’re roasting and blending coffees that satisfy our attention to detail and public demand for broader selection, which is code for: we offer some darker blends, and they’re really good too.

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