• Roaster's Reserve - Honduras


Roaster's Reserve - Honduras

Medium Roast Single Origin

Sweet, Balanced, Milk Chocolate



Our roasters love coffee and appreciate the qualities that make every lot of green coffee unique. We specialize in finding exotic, spectacular, coffees that rekindle our amazement at coffee’s expansive ability to elicit a diverse range of responses from our senses. But sometimes new and exotic isn’t what we’re looking for in a cup. Sometimes we just want our coffee to be a warm, cozy, friendly, source of comfort, energy.

For occasions like that we craft Roaster’s Reserve. We source coffee with familiar qualities such as a chocolatey, well-balanced flavor profile. Our roast on this coffee seeks a happy medium that is light enough to be enjoyed black, but dark enough to pair well with cream and sugar.  

Pair With: A splash of milk and a dash of sugar. 

Brewing Instructions: We recommend starting with a 1:14 brew ratio that utilizes 205℉ water. We recommend lowering this ratio on cups that are consumed with milk and sugar, and increasing this ratio on cups consumed black. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
gail manning
Great cupcakes joe!

Always wonderful flavor!

Jay Waller
Coffee from black osk

Is a great addition to my mornings

patrice harrison

Roaster's Reserve - Honduras

Prasanna Vijayakumar
Love it!

I put it in a fully automatic Phillips Latte Go and it is such a forgiving coffee in these machines. Love the taste.

Gregory Herrera

Roaster's Reserve - Honduras

Jamie Ginsberg
Smooth and delicious.

New Favorite.

Javier A. Ramos
Love this coffee

If you want a good and excellent coffee, this in one you have to try. Love it very much!!! I will ordered again!!!

Julie Martin
So Good!

First time trying Black Oak and this is some of the best coffee I’ve ever had. It’s delicious!

Jago no

Brewing as pourover. Gives me a consistently delicious cup, with just the right amount of acidity and bright flavors. Will buy again!

Hunter Small
Very Enjoyable. Will definitely buy again.

Made it in a drip machine, and it was a very good. I will definitely purchase more.

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