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Every month, Black Oak is bringing you carefully chosen coffees from around the world. Our award-winning roasting team is sharing the best we have to offer — two unique bags of beautiful coffee, carefully roasted to bring out the best flavors in every cup. These are the coffees we’re most excited about each month — we want you to enjoy them right along with us.

Join the Black Oak Tasting Club and you’ll get two bags of our favorite offerings, chosen by our award-winning palates. You’ll discover single-origins with unique flavor profiles, find new favorites, and save some money while you’re at it.

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Why Black Oak Tasting Club?

Black Oak Tasting Club is for (coffee) lovers. We ship two of our favorite coffees from around the world each month. We are uncompromising in our selections when it comes to quality. We screen an average of fifty of the best coffees each month from our coffee partners around the world to make our selections.

How will the coffee change throughout the year?

We put together a graphic to show our selections from last year. As you can see, we feel that the best coffee in the world comes from East Africa and Ethiopia. You can expect almost half of your 24 shipments to come from East Africa. For the remaining selections we are going to find the best seasonal coffees from Asia, South America, and Central America. We will occasionally select a blend, we shipped two in the past year, if we feel that it meets our high standards.

Why Black Oak?

We screen all our selections side by side, blind, and in multiple rounds. We are giving you our level best effort bring you the best without bias. Our head roaster, Steve Cuevas, was the 2017 US Taster’s Cup champion. In 2018, two of our crew qualified for the finals in the Taster’s Cup and one competed in the Brewer’s Cup Finals. Finally, our selections have won many awards in national roasting competitions. We are the first back to back champion at the Golden Bean roasting championship. We were a finalist in the 2017 Good Food Awards. Best of ALL, each one of our award winning coffees of 2018 will be featured in Tasting Club selections.

Two Bags Per Month?

The tasting club is not meant to be your only source of coffee. If two bags is all you go through in a month, perfect, you only need to drink the best. If you go through more, no problem, you qualify for a discount on any re-orders. Two bags allows us to offer free shipping on all deliveries.

What about freshness?

Our bags ship in nitrogen(an inert gas which replaces oxygen in the package) flushed one way valve bags. This means that the whole bean coffee will stay fresh at least until your next shipment arrives. Once you open the bag, we recommend that you consume it in less than two weeks for optimal flavor.

This Month's Selections

Ethiopia - Chelchele Natural

Ethiopia - Chelchele Natural

Looking for a cup of joyful coffee? Ethiopia Chelchele is a natural winner.

Size: 12oz

Roast level:  Medium/Light

Tasting notes: The bright start to this cup quickly gives way to unmistakably natural Ethiopian flavors of dried strawberry, and blueberry. Those fruit flavors fade into a milk chocolate that lingers into the finish alongside the subtle floral notes that are so unique to heirloom Ethiopian varieties.

Producer notes: Natural processed and dried on raised beds, the sweet, lively Ethiopia Chelchele comes from the METAD coop, a collective of local farmers — a majority of them women — with a coffee-producing history stretching back nearly 80 years. METAD has made significant investments in the coop and the surrounding communities, supporting local infrastructure development and even building Africa’s only internationally certified coffee quality control lab.

Varietals:  Heirloom

Processing method:  Natural

Snow Day - Limited Edition Holiday Roast

Snow Day - Limited Edition Holiday Roast

There’s something about snow.

When we were kids, we prayed for snow to cover Ukiah and bring daily responsibilities to a halt. We dreamed of snowball fights and watery eyes, soaked jeans and big smiles. One morning, years ago, we all woke up to 4” of magical white snow across Ukiah. Seemed like all that finger-crossing worked. Of course, we’re still busy wishing for more. And every December, you’re sure to run across a neighbor asking “do you think it’ll snow this year?”

In honor of school closing, traffic thinning, and kids playing, say hello to Snow Day. Our holiday blend, like a day off to play in the snow, is comforting but lively, and absolutely reinvigorating.

Pairs well with: Snow

Blended Coffees: Natural Ethiopia, Sumatra, Mexico Chiapas

Share your favorite snow day memories with us: #blackoaksnowday