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This Month's Selections

Kenya: Othaya

Kenya: Othaya

Size: 12oz

Roast level: Medium/Light

Tasting notes: Huge sweetness with notes of ripe black currant and brown sugar.  

When we taste samples from Kenya, expectations are always high — we’ve consistently been charmed and puzzled by the sweetness, acidity, and depth of what their coffees have to offer. The Othaya Farmer’s Co-op deliver again this year. Their exacting production methods — hand-picked ripe cherries, carefully controlled washing, and meticulous drying — give us a coffee that is remarkably flavorful, but clean as a whistle.

Varietals: SL-34 and SL-28 Bourbon

Processing method: Washed

Brazil - Diamantina

Brazil - Diamantina


Roast level: Medium/Light

Vibrant, fruity, and surprising natural coffee from a family owned biodynamic farm

Tasting notes:  Strawberry - Cherry.  A fruit forward coffee, reminiscent of an Ethiopian natural, has prominent notes of dried strawberries and blueberries complemented by toasted nuts (pecan, walnut, cashew).  We’ve never tasted a Brazilian coffee with this level fruited clarity and structure.

Producer notes: Diamantina refers to the family owned farm, Fazenda Floresta, located near the Chapada Diamantina National Park in the state of Bahia. Diamantina is a reference to 19th century diamond mines in the mountainous region of Brazil.  Today, Fazenda Floresta uses careful farming practices and a commitment to biodiversity to produce this beautiful coffee.

Community impact: Fazenda Floresta is both an organically and biodynamically cultivated farm.  They generate their own fertility through the use of livestock and diverse cover cropping.

Variety:  Catuai

Processing method: Natural