• Nicaragua - El Pastoral


Nicaragua - El Pastoral

A lovely fruity, chocolatey, perfectly balanced coffee

Notes of Black Cherry, Dried Fig, Cacao Nibs



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El Pastoral Natural Tasting Notes

Sweet notes of black cherry, red apple, and muddled red fruit combine with nutty notes of toasted almond to open this coffee. Sweet notes of dried fig and red fruits blend with semi-sweet, subtly herbaceous notes of cacao and baker’s chocolate to finish the coffee.

About The Coffee Producer

This coffee is the product of Juan de Dios Castillo and his four siblings who operate the organic certified Finca el Pastoral. In addition to cultivating coffee, the siblings also operate a mill and exporting business This particular lot was grown on the family's farm and selected for natural process milling due to the high quality of the raw coffee cherry. Natural process coffees are quite unusual for Nicaragua because the rainfall and humidity make drying coffee cherries with the fruit intact difficult.

How To Brew This Unique Coffee

We recommend brewing this coffee with a 1:15 brew ratio utilizing water at 205°F. 

Producer: Juan de Dios Castillo & Siblings, Finca El Pastoral

Varieties: Catuai, Parainema

Processing Method: Natural

Altitude: 3600–4800'

Roast: Light

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
DJ Trav
Great as cold brew!

Hot, I get flavors of chocolate, red berries, and earth with a little bit of underlying funk and a toasted almond end note. Earthy and funky not being my thing (despite loving that unexpected toasted-almond turn), I was brewing it for my husband, who tends toward more traditional coffee flavors, and he really enjoyed it...until I decided to try it as cold brew and ended up hoarding most of the rest for myself. ;) It's not Wush Wush for me, but, man, is it a super-satisfying kick in the rump on a hot summer morning.

Another Black Oak Winner

Black Oak's tasting notes for the El Pastoral are spot on. It is listed as a light roast but I would describe the beans in my bag as being a medium-dark roast, very much in line with the typical profile of other Black Oak offerings. The El Pastoral makes a very pleasant and interesting cup of coffee. The fruit and roasted cocoa flavors are both front and center; the coupling is well-balanced, unusual and quite tasty. Give it a try!

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