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Treat yourself to a rotating series of our most loved Dark & Medium roasts. Our signature series delivers exciting variety and outstanding value.

What's In The Box?

Each month you’ll receive (2) 12oz bags of two different medium and dark roast coffees, curated as a pair to give you a diverse but tried & true tasting experience. 

How It Works

Treat yourself and start the series. You’ll immediately receive a confirmation email with a code for 15% off any of our award winning coffees.

We ship this month’s picks within 48 hours, freshly roasted. You’ll receive two distinct coffees on the same day each month.

Enjoy award winning, world class coffees for less than any other coffee subscription. Cancel, pause, or adjust at any time.

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$32 Billed Monthly

$60 Billed Monthly

What's The Schedule?

January, May, September: Heartwood Medium Roast & Orchard Espresso + Drip

February, June, October:  Wagon Wheel Dark Roast & Meadow Organic Medium Roast

March, July, November: Redd Seasonal & Vineyard Organic French Roast

April, August, December: Duomo Medium/Dark and Black Bart Dark Roast

This Month's Selections

Heartwood Medium Roast

Heartwood Medium Roast

Milk chocolate body with a clean crisp finish.

Sweet, Balanced, Nutty

Orchard - Certified Organic Espresso or Drip

Orchard - Certified Organic Espresso or Drip

A beautiful blend for a bounty of flavor .

Dark chocolate, fruit, candi...

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Wentao Li
Consistently clear and elegant taste

I'm a visiting Physics student at Cal. Had a rough start (broken computer, plus all sorts of errands with housing/food/courses) with the semester until your coffee (and my newly bought 1zpresso grinder) saved me!

The beans were a big surprise for an espresso blend subscription. I received two packages each around 300g this month and have been enjoying every brew for 15 days straight.

I'm not an expert with coffee but the flavors are so distinct and clear. You will not find even the slightest hint of the sour fuzzy background which just pops up every time you get an average espresso blend. Not this one.

Will surely continue my subscription. Thank you for your excellent work.