We grew up here. As kids, as friends, as part of the local community. Our business has grown up here, too — from reviving a local landmark cafe in Ukiah five years ago to building up partnerships with bakeries and restaurants across the county. But it’s not just our roots that make us love Mendocino County — it’s all the places that make this sleepy part of Northern California at once a premier destination and a hidden gem. From favorite camping spots like Hendy Woods, to exploring the amazing colors on Glass Beach, to trek-worthy treats in Ukiah.

But when you’re living your day-to-day life among world-class amenities in such a beautiful setting, it can be easy to take it all for granted. You can be cycling up Masonite Road and still forget to stop and celebrate all the great things Mendocino County has to offer.

That’s why we’re spending the next couple of months celebrating the County we call home, and sharing some of our favorite places with you. Each week, we’ll tell a story about people, places, things we love. Think of it as part travel guide, part biography — and one big love letter to Mendocino County — from all of us at Black Oak.

Of course, there are too many great places to cover them all. We’ll leave that to Sunset Magazine or something. But we hope you’ll enjoy reading the stories, and we hope you’ll pay a visit to each one of the places we feature.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned.
Keith and Jon
Owners of Black Oak