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The Black Oak Tasting Club has been a hit. Two fresh single origin picks each month is a fun way to explore the world of coffee. New favorites are made, and any dull moments in your coffee discovery routine are cast asunder. 

But what if you know what coffee you like and want savor the comfort of a familiar flavor on the regular? 

You're in luck. It's easy. You'll get your favorites on your schedule, freshly roasted at 20% off.

Step 1 - Take Your Pick

For this example, let's add one of our (and our customer's) favorites: the super versatile Duomo. On the product page, just below the information on quantiy and grind, we can see the option to subscribe and save, with the discounted price in brackets.

Choose the subscribe option by clicking in the circle to the left, and you'll see a dropdown where you can choose how often you'd like your coffee delivered. This can be really handy as your subscription goes along. Maybe once a month is just not quite enough. In this case, let's choose every 3 weeks. 

Now we're done! Lesson over... but wait... there's a couple more pro tips for ya.

Step 2 - Double up and get free shipping

Black Oak Coffee offers free shipping on orders of $20 or more which translates to two bags of coffee or more. To save on shipping, add a second bag to your subscription. Let's keep everyone in the household happy and add a bag of Black Bart. In this case we'll use the same rate of three weeks so that we get free shipping on every delivery.

Great, now we've got two of Black Oak's most popular blends coming in fresh every three weeks! 

But wait, there's more! 

Step 3 - Fall in love again again

Every month we release at least one single origin. Whether you discover through the Black Oak Tasting Club or our newsletter, you can go through the same process to subscribe to any single origin. 

Browse our single origins and take your pick. In this case we will add Bensa Natural because it is actually absolutely mind blowing. Again, so that we always get free shipping we will choose the same interval. 

One caveat here: all of our single origin lots are limited releases. Some are around for longer than others, but there is no precise way for us to know. When we run out, we'll send you an email and see if you'd like to replace it with a similar option. 

Last but not least, you can always pause, edit or cancel your subscription at any time. Simply login to your account (first time subscribers will be sent a link to create an account upon placing an order) and choose "Manage Subscription" on the upper left of the account management page.

From there you can edit all aspects of your subscription and upcoming orders. Going to be out of town for a bit? No problem, put it on hold. Getting a little too much coffee each month? Easy peazy, change  the quantity or interval. 

Give it a try and enjoy freshly roasted coffee on auto.  

by Jon Frech | February 23, 2021 | 0 Comments

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