• Duomo Espresso or Drip


Duomo Espresso or Drip

An extremely versatile blend for coffee lovers of all kinds

Bittersweet chocolate, caramel, carob



Duomo is our full-bodied Northern Italian style blend with a rich roasted flavor and just a bit of bitter-sweetness — just like those beautifully simple yet complex espresso drinks you’ll find along the cobbled streets in Florence or Milan.

As versatile as it is delicious, this espresso blend is roasted for a distinctly Italian espresso style, but it also shows beautifully as a drip coffee.

Recommended Brewing
We love brewing Duomo as espresso with a 18-gram dose in a VST portafilter basket. Pull your shot to yield about 2 ounces (36-40 grams) of liquid espresso. Depending on your machine, the total shot time should vary from 20-30 seconds.

Top rated coffee on CoffeeReview.com with 91 points

Roast Level: Medium - Dark


Customer Reviews

Based on 85 reviews
Rebecca Mason
Can’t live without it

Many many years on my quest for the coffee of my dreams. A friend stumbled onto the Duomo. I have found my holy grail

Kate OConnor
Duomo Espresso

Love this coffee! It is just perfect way to start my day.


Excellent traditional espresso bean, I'm a noob when It comes to coffee, for now I only know what I like and what I don't, and I love it. It's also very, very important to me when the roaster provides a recipe making it easier to replicate the flavor the roaster wanted to achieve.


My all time favorite coffee. Such a smooth yet rich blend with lower acidity. I recommend this coffee to any connoisseurs out there.

William Kinsey
Outstanding flavor

I try espresso from many well regarded roasters and this the best for what I’m looking for in great coffee taste

Sean Campbell
Great find while visiting CA!

A couple of years ago we took the family out to California for a vacation. While stocking up on supplies at the grocery store, we bought some Black Oak Duomo. We thoroughly enjoyed it! Since then, we have ordered it a couple of times. This time we went BiG and ordered the 5lb bag!!

Our go-to coffee

We have these beans in our espresso machine on a regular basis. It never disappoints! We follow the calibration recommendations provided by Black Oak and get a perfect cup every time!! We love Duomo. It tastes pretty good as a pour over, too.

Timothy Dunlap
Fine coffee, bulkier price

This coffee is pretty good. I decided to try it out when my brand coffee switched their beans for a taste which I most definitely do not enjoy. I make all of my coffee at home every morning with a pour over set up. Black. Same process virtually every day. While this coffee is exceptionally smooth, I am simply a normal sort of Joe, who likes a very tasty but quite standard cup of joe, and this coffee is a bit too rich of a price per pound vs. some other bean factories out there. But if that doesn't bother you then do not be dissuaded, this is a smooth cup of coffee.

Jo Bradley

So far, my favorite! Balanced flavor without the bitterness.

Vicki Wedmore
My daughter’s favorite coffee!

Brought a bag home to my daughter in Santa Ynez that I purchased on a road trip through Ukiah. She liked it so much I’ve subscribed for regular shipments. :)

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