• Black Bart: Dark Roast Blend
  • Black Bart Dark
  • Black Bart: Dark Roast Blend
  • Black Bart: Dark Roast Blend

Black Bart: Dark Roast Blend



Size: 12oz

Roast level: Dark

Tasting notes:  Earthy, smoky and sweet

Detailed Description:  Black Bart was an outlaw of the west.  He hid out just miles from our roaster during his stagecoach robbing days.  Black Bart Dark is an outlaw among dark roasts.  To create Black Bart we blend 3 coffees, roasted to different levels.  One coffee is always roasted dark whereas the others range from medium to light.  This blending style gives Black Bart its characteristic dark smoky flavor, but with layers of complex body and sweetness usually only available in lighter roasts.  This coffee is designed to taste great with milk and sugar as well as have enough structure and sweetness to be delicious straight black (the way we prefer coffee around here).

Pair With: Bacon, eggs benedict, & other savory breakfast dishes. 


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