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Gift giving is likely to be less in person during the pandemic, especially for those of us that live far away from friends and loved ones. Gifting coffee is a great idea: it ships easily and its consumption is essential for making it through the year we all wish would just end

Problem is, many of us don’t know each other's coffee habits. We have to engage in a kind of caffeine preference mind reading.

Like other gift giving, coffee gifting can be fraught with the realization that good gift giving is hard.

Have no fear, we are here to help. Here are some coffee nerd solutions to coffee gifting problems.

What they like: No Idea.
What to gift: Go Medium-Dark.

When I know absolutely nothing about a coffee drinker I go to one place, our Duomo blend, a balanced medium dark roast.

If I don’t know a drinker’s preferences, I want to choose a coffee that has some roast notes like dark chocolate but can also taste great for a drinker who likes coffee straight black.

Duomo is also lower in acidity and works well as an espresso and as a drip coffee. Versatility is key here.

It all comes back to: if you know nothing, go Duomo.

For bonus points go with our Best Seller Bundle. The addition of a medium roast, Heartwood (a bit lighter, but still holds up well with milk) will hit all but the most picky coffee palates. In case they are into old school roasts, they will love Black Bart, our rich dark roast.

What they like: Light Roasts.
Fans of: 3rd Wave coffee shops that make pour-overs and tend not to have drive-thrus.
What to gift: Black Oak Tasting Club.

Black Oak Gift Subscriptions

A gift subscription to the Black Oak Tasting Club is your golden ticket here. We select new light roasted coffees each month from distinct, unique origins around the world.

These coffees are awesome and win awards in national competitions. You'll be thanked every month they receive their latest shipment. You'll be thought of every day they concoct the perfect brew. The coffee is incredible, you are an amazing gift giver. Game over gift list. Boom. Done. 

What they like: Peets and Starbucks
What to gift: Dark Roasts

The Dark Side Bundle is your go-to here. Our dark roasts are well developed: full of bittersweet chocolate and burnt caramel notes that fans of the Seattle based mermaid company coffee will love. Plus, each purchase goes to support World Coffee Research. A win win!


What they like: Making A Difference
Fans of: Delicious Coffee
What to gift: Female Farmer Series

Female Farmer Series from Black Oak Coffee Roasters

If you want to make the most social impact with your gift, but delicious matters, all of our coffees, in fact, include a contribution to World Coffee Research.

We have one coffee series that goes even further, our Female Farmer Project. These coffees are sourced from 100% female-owned coffee farms. We give 10% of profits to support Grounds for Health, an organization that does direct screening treatment for cervical cancer among coffee farm workers.

Female Farmer Coffees make a direct impact and literally can save lives. The cherry on top is that the coffees we source for this program are also incredibly delicious and have to meet our tasting panel's blind tasting standards before they are even considered for purchase.


What they like: I give up it's too hard
Fans of: No idea and I don't have time to figure it out
What to gift: High quality merch, gift cards


We know you and we've got you covered. We are pleased to have good lookin', made a last a lifetime MiiR camp cups and tumblers.

We have stylish and super cozy t-shirts, hoodies, and beanies if you want to share your love not just of our coffee but also of our slice of heaven in Mendocino County.

And of course we have the ultra-no-anxiety gift cards, redeemable through our site (or in cafe if they are local).

What they like: A whole lotta coffee
Fans of: Not running low on the caffeine bean
What to gift: 5 Pound Bags

Duomo 5 Pound Bag

Imagine the delight when your loved one with the big coffee drinking household realizes that you are not giving them some precious little sack of coffee but a huge bag of quality coffee. Our 5 Pound Bags clock in at about 120 servings. While we don’t advocate for in-person get-togethers, the pandemic has made us realize that we don’t need a big household to get through five pounds of coffee! 

Good luck and stay safe out there. Let us know what you come up with or if you need a nudge in the right direction.

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