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These coffees have lost their indie cred by becoming popular. It happens. And it makes sense, because they appeal to all decent, tasteful human beings. 

Black Bart

Has a dark smoky flavor, but with layers of complex body and sweetness usually only available in lighter roasts.

Roaster's Reserve

Nice milk chocolate character, excellent sweetness and a touch of acidity for a crisp finish.


This medium blend inspires devotion from our loyal customers: 
The first coffee, roasted medium, gives the Heartwood its body and milk chocolate flavor.  The second coffee, roasted a bit lighter, gives the heartwood a bright, clean, finish that lingers in on the palate.


About Us

A cup of coffee is practically a religious experience for us. We revere it, we crave it and we anticipate brewing and drinking it every day. Every coffee has a story, a history of soil, people and culture that make each one special. And it’s that combination that keeps us curious to learn about and eager to experience the next cup.

Even here in Northern California’s wine country, we believe that coffee has no culinary peer. Over 400 flavor compounds make up the unique aroma and taste that we experience when we smell and drink it. It’s that moment of astonishment at the cupping table when we crack the crust of a coffee with the right combination of those 400 compounds that drives us to find the best and highest quality lots available anywhere.


At Black Oak Coffee Roasters, we seek to express the true origin character of our coffees. Origin character is what tells the coffee’s story most vividly. We look for ripe, voluptuous sweetness and body to carry the coffee’s personality over the palate. And we want our coffee to linger in your head after you’ve tasted it, like a passage from your favorite novel.

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