Seedling - A Blend for Recovery"

Seedling - A Blend for Recovery

by Jon Frech | December 06, 2017 | 0 Comments

I ride my bike to work in the mornings and if the wind is just right, I can still smell the wet ash from Redwood Valley, 10 miles north of Black Oak. As the rains and the winter weather set in, saturating the ground with water, it’s easy to forget that so many people in our community lost their homes, possessions, and memories. The cafe acts as a temporary shelter for neighbors in the community, offering a break from the hard work and solid wifi to track down support and access funding.

Our neighbors still need so much. We’re struggling to house the thousands displaced by the fire. More than 20,000 acres burned and 10,000 homes were destroyed, along with countless priceless memories.

The smoke has subsided, but the recovery in our community is just beginning.

Our friends and importing partners at Olam Specialty Coffee contacted us in the days after the fire with an idea to join forces on a special blend — a delicious coffee that our customers will love and whose proceeds we could donate to the relief effort. So, in partnership with Olam, we crafted Seedling, a limited edition blend. 100% of the profits from Seedling will go directly to those affected by the North Bay Fires.

Seedling is about recovery. The most fragile stage of life for any plant, seedlings need love and protection as the roots reach into the ground and take hold. But more than being fragile, seedlings symbolize hope for what’s next. The promise of a tree, of fruit, of new life.  At Black Oak, we’re doing our part keep the conversation going, raise money for our community, and join forces with neighbors to rebuild. Coffee is our ritual, a joyous part of many promising mornings. Seedling is one step in bringing a dose of mindfulness, generosity, and intention to how we start each hopeful new day.

Now, onto the coffee. We wanted to make a memorable and delicious blend. We chose two of our favorite coffees from Olam Specialty’s best. The Ethiopia Guji Kayon Mountain is naturally processed and provides an ample amount of berry fruit, while the Guatemala Palo Blanco brings in a rich, layered milk chocolate. A true medium roast, Seedling beautifully integrates those  chocolate and berry flavors. The result is a harmony of chocolate and berry — decadent, complex, and powerful enough to stand out with a dollop of cream. Perfect.

We invite you to enjoy a delicious, mindful and generous cup with us. As with any seedling, every drop counts.

Buy Seedling Here.

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