• Seedling - A Blend for Recovery

Seedling - A Blend for Recovery



Organic Coffees:  
Ethiopia Guji Kayon MountainGuatemala Huehuetenango Palo Blanco

Tasting notes:  Decadent milk chocolate and layered berry fruit.  We have long wanted to create a blend that featured two of our favorite coffees.  We tinkered with our roast so that the sweet, complex milk chocolate of the Guatemala blended seamlessly into the strawberry and blueberry of the Natural Ethiopia.  The result is a blend that will make you happy.  

Community impact:  The smoke may have subsided but the work our community needs to do to recover from the disaster is just beginning.  

100% of the profits from this coffee are going to help victims of the North Bay fires.  

Donated in partnership with Olam Speciality Coffee in Healdsburg

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