Recipe: Big Batch Iced Tea Made Easy

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A rich tasting iced tea is possible with well sourced loose leaf tea and good quality filtered water. At Black Oak Coffee Roasters, we have developed a recipe that works with any tea that you would like to feature and can be easily brewed using a batch coffee brewer. 

Black Oak features many loose leaf tea varieties and are available for purchase through the Black Oak Portal. Options available: 

Green Teas

Sencha Green Tea, Yin Hao Jasmine Tea

Black Teas

Ceylon Black TeaEarl Grey Tea

Herbal Tea

Chamomile Lemongrass Tea, Rooibos Tea


Batch Size

Tea Dose

Hot Water

Dilute Cold Water and Ice 

Steep Time


0.5 Gallon

15 Grams

1 Quart


0.5 qt ice

0.5 qt water

3.5 Minutes 

1.45 Minutes

24 hours

1.5 Gallon

45 Grams

3 Quarts

3 qt:

1.5 qt ice

1.5 qt water

3.5 Minutes 

1.45 Minutes

24 hours

3 Gallons

90 Grams

6 Quarts

6 qt:

3 qt ice

3 qt water

3.5 Minutes 

1.45 Minutes

24 hours

Batch Brew Ice Tea Steps

  1. Measure the appropriate amount of hot water into the container. Make sure the water is the correct temperature for the tea you are brewing. (200 degrees for black or herbal teas, 175 degrees for green teas).
    • A few options to obtain hot water:
      • Water tap from either a batch brewer or hot water tower
      • Dump water from batch brewer (helpful to have a designated basket and to clean the sprayhead well to prevent a coffee flavor)
      • Boil hot water on a stove
  2. To bring the temperature of 200 degree water down to 175 degrees to brew green tea, simply add a few ice cubes or a little cold water to cool it down slightly. A thermometer is very helpful for accurate temperature reading.Weigh the appropriate amount of tea for the batch size. Add tea to the hot water and gently mix into the water to fully saturate. Set a timer (3.5 minutes for black or herbal teas, 1.45 minutes for green teas).
  3. Gently strain the tea into the final container that you will be holding all the brewed iced tea.
  4. Mix equal parts ice and cold water for the batch size. Add mixture to the brewed tea. Gently stir to combine. 

by Luke Janela | May 29, 2023

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