• Papua New Guinea - Kuta Ridge


Papua New Guinea - Kuta Ridge

The return of coffee from one of our favorite micro-climates

Notes of Marshmallow, Warm Spices and Caramel



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Tasting Notes

This coffee opens with some bright notes, which are well balanced by a complex sweetness that is akin to the more luxuriant complex sweetness of caramel. Subtle vegetal notes add notes of dark spices and blend with the coffee’s sweetness to give the impression of marshmallow.

About The Producer

This coffee comes from small farmers located on the Kuta Ridge, which sits atop the Nebilyer Valley. The average size of the farms that produced this lot are quite small- ranging from 1-2 hectares each. The coffee is processed at the Kuta mill which operates between the territories of the Ulga and Kolga tribes. The coffee mill there has brought a lasting peace between the tribes which were historically in conflict. The mill offers bonuses to farmers who consistently bring the mill high quality coffee.

How To Brew This Washed Process Single Origin Coffee

A 1:14 brew ratio with a slightly more coarse grind and 205℉ yields delicious and well balanced cups. 

Varieties: Bourbon and Typica

Processing Method: Washed, Sun-dried

Producer: Smallholder farmers surrounding the Kuta Mill

Altitude: 5200–5500'

Roast: Light

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Patti Walsh

Coffee is delicious. I got it for my son in law and he loved it!

Smooth & delicious

I've been drinking my way through all of the light roast coffees at Black Oak, and Kuta Ridge is my favorite one to date. It's smooth, rounded and utterly drinkable. Highly recommend.

Bill Lundeen
PNG Kuta Ridge

This is one of the very best coffees ever. Ultra sweet notes of marshmallow and caramel literally saturate your taste buds with hints of fleeting bright notes mixed in as well. The sweet richness holds all the way through and lingers after swallowing. Not a harsh or negative aspect to this coffee in any way.

Sita Packer
Absolutely delicious.

This coffee is exquisite. It is so rich and satisfying that I feel like I don't need that piece of dark chocolate! Love it.

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