The Community Coffee Card: Celebrating Teachers

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Giving back to the people who do so much for our community

On a bi-monthly basis, Black Oak will fund a Community Coffee Card at the register to celebrate and thank a chosen part of our community.

From October 15th through 21st 2018, the Community Coffee Card will be accessible to all verified Ukiah Unified Elementary School Teachers and entitle them to a free cafe drink with a value up to $5. 

Celebrating Teachers

Ask a teacher what they did today. You’ll find they taught 30 kids a new idea, encouraged a child, prevented a fight, made the world just a little better. And then they left school to buy supplies for the students with their own hard-earned money. This week, we’re celebrating teachers, and all they do for the families and future of this community.

Want to donate?

Buy a teacher a coffee! 
For every $1 you donate, we’ll donate $2. 
Help us fill the card and support these great members of our community.
Let your barista know.

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