Black Oak Blog Shows Black Oak Coffee Roasters Some Love" Shows Black Oak Coffee Roasters Some Love

by Luke Janela | July 22, 2016 | 0 Comments

Woke up this morning to a very well written profile on us and our place in our community. Thanks @Sprudge @sandersnoah!

Read the article at Black Oak Roasters: Coffee’s Journey On The California North Coast

The article talks about something we hope to see as people move up and down the 101, either on their way home or as travelers:

"With the opening of Keith Feigin and Jon Frech’s Black Oak Coffee Roasters in Ukiah though, there is now a coffee destination, for both travelers and locals alike."

The piece goes on to quote Jon about our intentions and the way we fit into the bigger world of coffee aficionados:

“To be honest,” Frech says, “I don’t think people need coffee education. If someone tastes something they like, they’ll want it. That’s our job, make it delicious and then the journey begins.”

And it recognizes how inseparable we are from our community and roots: 

"Frech and Feigin want Black Oak to be a coffee shop as good as any in the Bay Area, but one that doesn’t sacrifice the small town, communal aspects of Ukiah in the process."
It's well worth a read. Thanks so much to Sprudge for the visit and the kind words!
Bonus! We are offering an in-store special this weekend based on this article... you can thank sprudge!


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