How to brew better coffee using a home drip coffee maker

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Step One: Watch the video

We put together a quick and easy tutorial. 

How much coffee to use?

In general, we recommend using brew ratios of water to coffee, by weight.  Really strong cups are about 12:1, for a bit less strong cup, use 18:1 ratio.  Using a metric weight on your scale really helps make the math easy on these ratios.

Too much bed depth can give even good coffee a bitter taste

Don’t have a scale, or you think we’ve gone too far? 

Many kitchens don’t have digital scales, that's fine too.  You’ve bought great coffee, so all you need is a few common kitchen measuring tools and a calculator, or slide rule.  Measure the fluid ounces of your coffee and multiply by 0.35. The resulting number is the number of tablespoons of ground coffee.  You can adjust by a few tablespoons in either direction to adjust the strength of your brew.

Bed depth, what?

Every coffee makers drip cone has a sweet spot.  The best cups need a bed depth of 1” to max 2” in order to extract the coffee well, too shallow and it's watery, too deep and it's bitter.

No need to obliterate your coffee into dust

A quick note on grinding:

For most drip coffee makers, please use a coarse grind (Morton’s kosher salt).  

Myth busting
Finer grind = better cup?

Grinding too fine makes your cup much more bitter. You will only make the cup slightly stronger (we’ve tested it and its less than 3%). Additionally you will cover up much of the good flavor with bitter tannic compounds which are better left in the coffee bed.


10 cup coffee maker

Coffee: 60-65 grams coffee, 2.1 ounces, or 11 tbsp

Grind: Morton’s kosher salt

Water: 1000 grams , or 32 ounces (4 cups), water should be filtered

Brew and enjoy

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