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While Anderson Valley is renowned for wine, one of our favorite things to do to get away from the bustle of life — without totally cutting off from the rest of the world — is grab a campsite at Hendy Woods State Park. Cut north west from Boonville on Highway 128 for just a few miles, and you’ll see signs for the park. It’s a sprawling 845 acres of beauty, with two groves of old growth redwoods the centerpiece of the park.

Stay for the day, or two, or three

While we like to camp there (don’t worry, city slickers: the bathrooms do have running water and even showers), the park is also open for day-use as well. You can use the park as a picturesque break on a long cycling adventure, take a hike on one of the leisurely trails that connect the two redwood groves, or just stop in for a midday picnic. You can also dive into the swimming hole on the Navarro River, or head out on a canoe. No matter how you approach it, Hendy Woods provides a lush, green, and energizing natural escape, with a host of opportunities for people who love wildlife and bird-watching, too.

A Local Fixture

Hendy Woods has been a fixture in Mendocino County for over 150 years as a preserved forest system. In 1958, it was purchased by California and turned into a state park. Since then, thousands of visitors per year — over 50,000.

Plenty of History

But like all good things, Hendy Woods has faced its fair share of trouble, too. In 2012, with looming budget cuts by the State, it was almost closed down. Thanks to local organizers who protested the closure and raised funds on their own, the park was saved.

Support Our Parks!

It’s a special place — and also a reminder that all the good things we have can quickly go away if we don’t cherish them. So on your next visit to Mendocino, or if you’re a local trying to plan your next outing, be sure to add Hendy Woods to your list.

Entry fees

$10/vehicle, $45/night for camping


Year-round, day-use sunrise to sunset

Campground Coffee Tips

If you’re heading out for a camping trip at Hendy Woods, don’t forget the coffee. French press is one of the best options for camping. Paired with either pre-ground coffee from the cafe, or a portable grinder, you can make a delicious cup of coffee without a ton of work.

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