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Deep in the Heart of Boonville

In the heart of Anderson Valley, the town of Boonville offers inescapable charms for those that are escaping the rush of city life. Perfectly summed up at the Boonville Hotel, visitors can soak up the peace and relatively unplugged vibe of town and the surrounding valley. From the hammocks begging you to take a nap to the delicious food served up at the hotel’s Table 128 restaurant, the Boonville Hotel has its finger on what we love so much about life in Mendocino.

Cozy Sophisticated

Johnny Schmitt and his family have deep roots in wine country hospitality. Many moons ago, it was the Schmitt family who sold Thomas Keller the property that would become The French Laundry restaurant. Their proximity to good things is no coincidence. Johnny’s a gifted designer with an eye for details that support experiences and a cohesive atmosphere. The accommodations at the Boonville Hotel strike a nice balance between luxury and simplicity, with rooms that are distinct and yet part of a whole. Visitors can book a room in the main hotel building with easy access to the constant — but casual — social buzz of the common spaces, or choose something a little more private like the casita or bungalow that both feel connected to the overall character of the Hotel, while still taking visitors deeper into the quiet and tranquility of Boonville life.

A Traveler's Tapestry

While the Hotel has modern conveniences like wifi, we’re always inspired by the serenity of the nearby Anderson Valley, and unplug as much as possible.  We love getting to know the other guests, meeting new people and hearing their stories. In past visits, we’ve made friends, learned about new places to explore, and enticed a few folks to head up to Ukiah to check out our roastery and café.

Ever-Changing, Always Fresh

Table 128, named for the highway that runs right through town, always serves up beautiful, surprising dishes. Served prix-fixe, family style, meals become another great opportunity for meeting your hotel-mates, and sharing something delicious. Across four meals last summer, we never saw a dish or main ingredient used twice; delivering the goods on a menu that changes nightly is no small feat. It’s even better when we’re talking about unfussy, homestyle cooking that makes the most of beautiful, fresh, seasonal ingredients. If you’re visiting during the summer, be sure to check out their paella night **chef-fingers kiss**.

Stay in one of the 15 rooms, roam the sprawling property, enjoy local wines, beers, and ciders at the hotel bar, or dig into the ever-changing, always-fresh menu at Table 128. As a home base for exploring Anderson Valley, it’s tough to do better, cooler, or more laid back than the Boonville Hotel.

Rooms $195-$325

Table 128 serves dinner Friday-Sunday (winter) and Thursday-Monday (spring, summer, fall) — reservations required.

Coffee in Boonville

Anderson Valley is known for unique, fan favorite adult beverages like wine, beer, and cider, but you can also find award-winning Black Oak coffee too! Grab a cup at the Boonville Hotel or Paysanne, their sister business/sweets shop.

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