Fix a "sour" coffee taste when brewing

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Is your fancy coffee leaving a sour taste in your mouth? 

Sourness in coffee can be a side effect of a light roasted coffee brewed in conditions that don’t extract enough sugars from the roast. We don’t want our coffee to taste sour; however, we do want to preserve the acidity to give the coffee finish, structure and complexity. 

A coffee plant uses its organic acids as defense system from pests. The variety of those acids will vary based on soil type, variety, altitude and many more factors.  It is this acidity which makes each coffee unique.  In the roasting room, we try to develop the sugars during the roasting process to balance the acidity from the plant so that we don’t notice it as a prominent flavor. 

All that digression is to say that if you are getting prominent sour flavors, try a finer grind, longer brew time and make sure your water is HOT.

A finer grind = a little finer than table salt

A longer brew time = this requires experimentation, but generally between 3-5 minutes

Hot water = 205° F (ish)

All these things vary depending on what gear you use. Depending on your commitment, four things can universally up your coffee brewing game:
• Decent grinder
• Thermometer or kettle that shows your temperature
• A scale for precise measurements
• Our brew tip videos

One last thing that really helps? Great coffee that is roasted well. Try our award winning single-origins and be amazed at what a quality roast can do.

by Keith Feigin | January 02, 2017 | 0 Comments

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