Myanmar Moe Htet with Chemex

We crafted a special recipe for two for this month's new release. Enjoy!

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Myanmar Moe Htet

Brewer   Chemex

Dose   50gm

Water   600gm

Brew Ratio   12:1

Pouring   (3) pours of 200 grams each.  Second pour around 1:00, third pour around 2:00, chemex should drain in around 4:00. Add a final pour of 60-70 grams water after removing filter to dilute (optional).

Chemex pro tips   Chemex papers have a thick side and a thin side, make sure the thick side is on the same side as the pouring channel.  

Chemex, because of the thick filter can take a really long time to drain.  This long drain time can lead to bitter, flat cups.  For bigger brews, use a coarse grind.  We recommend brew ratios between 10:1 and 13:1 water to coffee.  If the coffee tastes too strong or concentrated add a bit of filtered water (an ounce or so per cup) to your brewed coffee.  

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