August 2014: Konga, Ethiopia Natural Process

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This coffee is available through the Coffee's of the World Club for August shipment. You can sign up to receive receive monthly shipments for three, six or nine months.

Tasting notes:  Konga is a great example of a dry processed Ethiopian coffee. From the region of Yirgacheffe, this is an exciting and expressive coffee. This lot offers potent bright fruit notes and explodes with aromatics. The fruit notes are easily discernible even by beginning coffee connoisseurs. One sniff and a sip and it will be obvious that this coffee is "different." We have roasted it to preserve its original flavor profile with minimal "roastiness."

Producer notes:  The coffee is grown in the Gedeo area of Yirgacheffe at elevations between 1900-2300 meters above sea level. After harvesting by hand the whole cherries are sun dried on raised beds.

Varietals:  Heirloom

Processing method:  Heirloom

Wine analogy:  A California fruit bomb or Cru Beaujolais

by Jon Frech | August 04, 2014 | 0 Comments

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