Coffees of the world club: April 2014 Bolivia Mamani Family

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This coffee is available through the Coffee's of the World Club for April shipment. You can sign up to receive receive monthly shipments for three, six or nine months.

This month’s selection is a special micro-lot of Bolivian direct sourced by Steve Ford of Ritual Coffee Roasters. Bolivia is an exciting new frontier for specialty coffee and we are pleased to highlight one of the best lots coming from this relatively unknown origin. Bolivia has many features of a great coffee country: ample altitude and good quality coffee varieties. It is just starting to develop the infrastructure necessary to process, store and market its most exceptional lots. We are part of a movement of roasters who are attempting to feature coffees of exceptional cup quality and the farmers and cooperative organizations that market them.

The Mamani family farms are located in the Caranavi Municipality of the La Paz Province.

Varieties: Typica, Catuai, Caturra
Altitude: 1500-2000 meters above sea level

Tasting notes: Full palate sweetness with notes of rich milk chocolate and red fruit.


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