Our April 2016 coffee club ships this week with a delicious, fresh Ethiopia

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Each month, we ship out a unique single origin coffee as part of our Coffees of the World Club.  Sign up by the 10th of the month and get this coffee and two bags of a new coffee delivered to you the first week of every month of the year.  Each coffee comes with origin information, tasting notes and brew tips, as well as discounts for ordering other products on our site.  Check out this month's offering:

Ethiopia Limu

Producer Notes: Limu refers to the region of southwestern Ethiopia where this lot hails from. Limu is an early arrival Ethiopia, meaning it is one of the first coffees from the current year harvest to land in the US. Ethiopia’s coffee harvest occurs between October and December each year. Coffees take several months to complete the process of drying, de-hulling, grading and shipping. The final step, shipment, can take months to complete. Shipment can also be the most perilous for coffee quality as it may sit in extremely humid ports for longer than planned. Green coffee is not a stable product. It is constantly seeking equilibrium with the outside elements, and, if left in a humid place for too long, can start a process of rotting or molding. All that goes to say, we are delighted to taste coffees in our roasting facility that have navigated the long supply chain from the highlands of western Ethiopia to Ukiah, California.

Flavors: This exceptional Ethiopian lot has a silky body, with rounded and structured overall profile. Fruit notes of melon, dried berries play in the forefront of the palate with pleasant lime-like acidity on the finish.

Varieties: Heirloom

Processing Method: Washed

Pairs With: Apple Danish, Dutch Baby pancake


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