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  • Organic Coffee Bundle
  • Organic Coffee Bundle


Organic Coffee Bundle

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Q: I've tried organic coffee, and even though I felt super happy with myself for it, it wasn't everything I'd hoped for, taste-wise. 

A: That wasn't technically a question, but clearly you haven't tried Black Oak Organic Coffee! 

We've applied all of our neurotic meticulousness into these beauties, which are full-on certified organic. Sourcing only the best beans, roasting with the precision and strength of the Egyptian Pyramids, we bring you truly delicious organic coffee. Behold!

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Meadow Medium Roast

Designed to be a very pleasing coffee. not too dark, not too light

Orchard Espresso

We blend our espresso to showcase the rich fruit and candied nut flavors naturally present in the seasonal coffees we source. Then we roast it just long enough to highlight that fruit with layers of toasty chocolate.

Vineyard French Roast

The Vineyard is rich, bold, smoky, and celebratory with a dollop of your favorite creamer.

Customer Reviews

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Morgan Ryan

Great coffee and the company always ships it fast!

Robert Papadopoulos

Hot fiya

Amy K.
Black Oak coffee is superb.

Black Oak coffee is superb. Since discovering Black Oak about nine months ago, every other brand I have tried doesn't taste good-- the acid overwhelms the flavor of the beans. This is expertly sourced and prepared coffee. Treat yourself and purchase some, you will never go back!

Jamie Hrbek
My order came soooooooo fast!

My order came soooooooo fast! And it is delicious and fresh!

Sara A.
A perfect coffee experience! I

A perfect coffee experience! I love Black Oak! Shipped quickly a well.

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