• Orchard - Certified Organic Espresso or Drip
  • Orchard - Certified Organic Espresso or Drip
  • Orchard - Certified Organic Espresso or Drip


Orchard - Certified Organic Espresso or Drip

A beautiful blend for a bounty of flavor .

Dark chocolate, fruit, candied nuts



Mendocino County’s roots run deep in agriculture, and we boast an array of fruit and nut orchards that produce beautiful bounties every year. Our Orchard espresso blend is a celebration that heritage: a combination seasonal organic coffees that highlights each coffee’s natural fruit and candied nut flavors. It’s roasted just long enough to bring out a nice layer of toasty chocolate. Orchard is big, just like Mendocino County — and it’s great as a straight shot or in your favorite latte.  

Brewing Recommendation
We brew our espresso at home with a 18-gram dose in a VST portafilter basket. Pull your shot to yield about 2 ounces (36-40 grams) of liquid espresso. Depending on your machine, the total shot time should vary from 20-30 seconds.

Roast level:  Medium/dark

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Patrice Gramarossa-Reid
morning delite


Hugh Tama

These beans have a very nice full bodied but not bitter taste coming from my espresso machine. I am very pleased with it.

Jason Hurst

It is delicious espresso but for someone who drinks at least one a day it is a little too pricey for me. Clearly it is cheaper than buying an espresso at a shop. Maybe the shipping made it not work for me ($6).

Eric Milliron

I haven't lived on the north coast in quite some time, but have it shipped to me via Black Oak! Also, make a point to stop in Ukiah for cup when heading through! Great coffee, business and people.

Xiying Wang

Love the coffee at Black Oak! Super friendly staffs

Melanie Tietjen


Found my new favorite

Used to order Duomo, but Orchard is even more deep and balanced! Love it.

jerome scharf
Good customer service

A discount did not appear on my order and they refunded the error without a problem

My favorite Black Oaks Espresso

A few years ago we were driving through CA on a 6,000 mile road trip and stopped at small country store to grab a cup of coffee and stretch our legs. We pulled back on the road and I sipped my coffee and was blown away. Best cup of coffee I had ever had. I reminisced about that coffee to my wife for years. This year for Christmas she traced our route and found that country store and figured out that they served Black Oak coffee. She gave me my first Black Oak gift card. I'm happy to say my initial first impression was spot on. And the Orchard so far is my favorite. Dark but still complex. And the prettiest espresso we pull.

Michael Heuze

Delicious coffee and great subscription service

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