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Canopy Decaf

A beautifully versatile decaf coffee

Sweet fruit, chocolate




Golden Bean North America Silver Medal Winner: Decaf

Canopy is a carefully roasted decaffeinated coffee featuring fruit highlights balanced with chocolate notes. The caffeine in Canopy is removed using the mountain water process to maximize the coffee’s original character and flavor profile — making it versatile enough for both espresso and drip coffee brewing. Along with its brewing versatility, Canopy drinks well with both sweet and savory breakfast dishes or as an after-dinner treat.

Recommended Brewing:

Canopy shows well across espresso and drip brewing, so it’s really up to you. For drip brewing, use a ratio of 16oz water (2 Cups) for every 5.6oz medium/fine ground coffee.

Size: 12oz

Roast level: Medium

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Gabriel Cruz Casanova

Les recomiendo este café es delicioso 😋!!

Martin Cohn
About the best decaf there is.

I’ve tried almost every decaf out there and this is easily the best.

Susan Allen
Best decaf coffee

As someone who has to drink decaf for medical reasons, this coffee doesn’t skimp on taste. I’ve tried all the major third wave decaf coffees, and this one is just the best.

Amy Warmerdam

Your coffee is so delicious! It kind of ruins it for all other coffees.

Ryan Ke

Canopy Decaf

The best!

Definitely the best decaf coffee I've ever tasted. More than happy to pay the shipping cost to have these beans sent to me at home so I can enjoy my favorite coffee every morning!

Meredith Olson
Decaf canopy

Delicious with rich flavor and hint of chocolate


We love the flavor

Kim Olson
Great tasting medium coffee

Stopped into Black oak for a cup of coffee. It was so delicious I asked if they have a decaf option and was shown canopy. I bought a bag and had taken it home to try. It was so good. I went online and ordered a few more bags I'm glad I did. We'll order again when I'm running low.

Heather Bromfield
Best Decaf Ever

I tried this decaf when I decided to cut back on caffeine, and was so surprised! It's better than a lot of regular coffees, and is actually one of my favorites ever. Just bought a bunch so I don't run out!

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