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Lee Margadant
Hands down the best coffee available

Black Oak is without a doubt one of the best coffee roasters in the country. I can say that without hyperbole, I've lived and traveled all over the country a great deal, always searching for the best cup of coffee and very few have even come close to Black Oak. So much thought goes in the beans the select, the ethics and quality, to deliver artistically roasted, single origin beans. The level of craft cannot be topped and with the tasting club you will be treated to the best available varieties of coffee. PLUS you get additional discounts as a member to restock after you run out. It's the best deal available for a coffee aficionado and you are supporting the lord's work when you contribute to these brilliant artists!

Jeff Lewis
Great Coffee

Another "must have" which I order and enjoy routinely. Black Oak Coffee has not disappointed!

Phil Grayber
First experience

I really enjoyed drinking coffee from my first two selections for this month. They both made me impatient for morning to arrive. They kept very well in our carafe for the rest of the day with delightfully subtle flavor variations as the coffee cooled. I look forward to upcoming arrivals. Thank you for selecting these beans and carefully roasting them.

William Greif

Love the coffee. The best!

Martin Schwartz
Its just great

What can I say- just the best coffee around, and I’ve bought coffee from many of the best known craft roasters in the country.

Sam Roesler
More than just legit

Dear Black Oak Team,
True passion for Coffee, with a focus on freshness, fair trade, perfection of roasting AND being local. I’ve been impressed with your coffees for a long time now and enjoy every single bean to drop! I love the focus of the products. It’s a coffee that speaks for itself! Delicious and perfect. The tasting club is an amazing opportunity for everyone that wants to try the portfolio of your products to an affordable price paired with absolute freshness. Roasted just a few days before you receive your order in the mail. It’s fantastic. Even the packaging is much better than most of the competition. I would absolutely recommend Black Oak Coffees to everyone and I encourage you to try it. I’m happy with the coffees every day and I will be part of the Black Oak Community for a long time. Please check them out and join the tasting club! Cheers, Sam

Ozan Anac
Awesome Delight

I am very happy to be in this club, awesome selection of coffee and great customer service.

Jacob Goble
The Best Deal in Coffee Subscriptions

Black Oak’s coffee subscription is the best coffee for the best price. Go ahead, shop around. I’ll wait. Not Blue Bottle, not Intelligentsia, not Trade or Moustache. The quality for the price cannot be beaten. Go ahead, get you some.

Robert Papadopoulos


Robert Sentinella

Loved the tasting club Panama duo. The washed one was my favorite. I also can’t say enough about the tasting notes on the card that comes each month. It’s fun to play with the ratios and temps as they describe. One of the reasons Black Oak is my favorite coffee company.