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Robert Papadopoulos


Robert Sentinella

Loved the tasting club Panama duo. The washed one was my favorite. I also can’t say enough about the tasting notes on the card that comes each month. It’s fun to play with the ratios and temps as they describe. One of the reasons Black Oak is my favorite coffee company.

Erin Akamine
Great… Mostly

Traveling the various coffees of the world has been fun & I would likely give this five stars, however, because of the (un)luck of the draw for the various beans of the month there seems to have been an inordinate amount of strongly floral coffees this year — a taste I really don’t care for in my beans — but the quality of everything is top notch & Black Oak continues to be my favorite roastery.

Dianne Hall

Black Oak Tasting Club

Claudia Summers
Best coffee ever!

I visit Black Oak whenever I go to Ukiah, and I am so excited to open the box every time I get my shipments of this delicious coffee! The coffee is freshly roasted, is sent with information regarding the origin and tasting notes. So fun, I highly recommend.

Sean Velazquez
Great Coffee

I enjoy the subscription's variety of new coffees. So every month I get new great coffees with very detailed notes about the taste and grower which really help to tell a full story about the beans. Which are also roasted perfectly.

Emily Kunzeman

Black Oak Tasting Club


So good!

Caryll Blount
Monthly treat

I am always delighted to open the box. The first couple of months I ran short with just the two bags and found myself buying a bag at a local, very good roasters. They didn't stand up to Black Oak. I have added an extra bag to my subscription!

Trevor Moss
The best

My heritage is drinking tea and I have not previously procured much coffee finding it lacking in character, nuance and reliability. I eschewed the chains finding their offerings bland, careless and overpriced. That changed when I encountered Black Oak Roasters. The coffee roasting is superb, releasing the nuances and true character at a cost and consistency that has changed my view of coffee. Certainly the best I have experienced and by a country mile. Thank you.