Seasonal sourcing:
We have a simple sourcing philosophy: find the best coffee and keep it as fresh as possible.  We rely on a diverse network of coffee farmers and importers to sample exceptional lots of coffee throughout the year.  In order for a coffee to be considered for purchase it has to make it through several rounds of rigorous blind tasting.  If we approve the coffee’s flavor profile, we then evaluate its supply chain to ensure its integrity.  Once we have found a coffee farm or cooperative that meets our standards we are not afraid to pay top dollar for their product.  

Connecting taste and origin:
When a coffee becomes a Black Oak Coffee we do our best to celebrate its origin with rich details about where the coffee was grown.  Ultimately, we want forge a strong connection between our customers, cultivating a sense of wonder of tasting something truly exceptional, and the story of origin that goes into that flavor on a farm level.  We are the last step in a long supply chain and we take seriously the responsibility to present the work of our coffee growers in the best way possible:  the unforgettably good cup of coffee.