Delicious & Approachable

From artful blends to distinct single origins, Black Oak is all about producing the best quality we can, while making our coffees approachable to anyone. It all starts with our philosophy on coffee. It’s about sourcing the finest beans, and roasting them to perfection — but doing it all with a down-to-earth approach that makes people smile. We’re making a product we love, and we want everyone to enjoy it.


Great coffee, like any culinary feat, starts at the source. Black Oak partners with a network of coffee farmers and importers to find the finest raw, green coffees on a seasonal basis. We put our award-winning palates to work, sampling top-notch coffees from all over the world — with all sorts of flavor profiles — evaluating them back here in our roastery, and only choosing the ones that meet our high quality standards. Along the way, we keep our supply chains simple and transparent, ensuring we can tell you exactly where we got each bean.

At Black Oak, sourcing is about setting us up to offer a wide selection of coffees to please a wide range of tastes. We don’t settle into just one or two specialties — we’re looking for coffees for everyone to enjoy, all year long.


Great, raw coffee needs to be treated with care. You have to blend art and science, and add a bit of elbow grease. To make it shine, you need a great palate to taste each coffee and make sure it’s roasted just right to bring out its unique flavors and origin character. We roast on an old German machine — a 1957 Probat — knowing that big, old machines are tried and true and stand up to the rigors of our action-packed, small-batch process. People have a wide range of taste preferences — so our coffees range from delicate light roasts to hearty dark roasts. No matter the roast level, we’re putting the same thoughtfulness into every batch, to ensure that our gold medal-winning coffees are treated with the same care as a house blend. The end result is a lineup of carefully crafted coffees and a wide range of profiles.

Brew Guides

Great coffee doesn’t stop with beautiful green and skillful roasting — you’ve still gotta brew a delicious cup. Here’s a collection of brewing guides — everything from home espresso to french press — to ensure you’re getting the best out of your favorite Black Oak coffee.