How do I manage my subscription?

We try to make managing subscriptions as easy as possible. So if you ever want to change or update anything there's a page on our website that allows you to manage all aspects of your subscription.

Within our handy system, you can manage most aspects of your subscription from your phone or computer. You can change an address, update payment info, swap out products, change your frequency, pause or cancel, and more. 


First things first:

You'll need to have a customer account on our site.

We highly recommend you create one now... it needs to be registered with the same email address you used to place your order.

We know, it's a little confusing... even though we have an email address from your order, you will still need to *officially register* at the link above in order to make adjustments to your subscription.

Once you have an account simply login to customize your subscription, here:

Once logged in, at the top left, click "Manage Subscription".

From there you can:

Change your address and shipping information

Update your payment information

Change products in your subscription, and swap out one coffee for another

Manage the frequency of your shipments (for example, from every 5 weeks to every 3 weeks)

Pause your subscription

And last and definitely least, cancel your subscription.


* If you've bought coffee from us previously, you may already have an account

When will my order ship?

Subscription orders will ship ASAP and within 72 hours. It is extremely important to us that your shipment is roasted fresh. If there is a delay as long as 72 hours, it is only to make sure that your coffee has been roasted within 24 hours. The vast majority of orders ship within 24 hours.

You will be charged and your order will ship according to which interval you chose. If you need to pause or cancel an order, you need to do this before your recurring order ships. We are unable to offer refunds on subscription shipments that are already on their way.

If you need to change which day your orders ship out on, you can manage this using the subscription management backend.