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If like light roast coffee, this is the best coffee in the world.

The best

My heritage is drinking tea and I have not previously procured much coffee finding it lacking in character, nuance and reliability. I eschewed the chains finding their offerings bland, careless and overpriced. That changed when I encountered Black Oak Roasters. The coffee roasting is superb, releasing the nuances and true character at a cost and consistency that has changed my view of coffee. Certainly the best I have experienced and by a country mile. Thank you.

Love this morning coffee!

More complex and interesting than the local bean, while remaining straightforward and approachable. I love to approach it first thing, either as a pour over or French Press. Haven’t mastered the espresso machine yet, but I have no doubts that it will shine there as well.


Fruity and jammy and complex. So smooth!

Ethiopia - Bensa Natural

Great, bold but mellow notes!

While I am a foodie an equal lover of awesome coffee I have relied on the write ups/description of all Black Oak coffee! What a great business model, double bonus a local one. I'm also enjoying my monthly subscription, do it if you can!

Beautiful, subtle.elegant coffee

Sit's like silk in the mouth, nice evident fruity tones and a rich chocolate undertone..a really enjoyable cup of coffee..

Lightness brings the flavor

A beautiful light roast that brings out the complexity of this bean. Full of flavor more like the origins of Coffee before the "burnt bean" fad.

Great Coffee

This is a delicious French Roast! I have sent it to friends and they love it, too!

Black Oak Tasting Club

I will order again.

The shipping was great! I got the beans only days after they were roasted. I don’t normally go for a medium roast but the heartwood is perfect. Warm, full bodied, smooth. Can’t wait to try the duomo and black Bart since I usually prefer (or so I thought) a darker roast. I will order again. Thank you.

Ethiopia - Worka Sakaro

My Favorite

This coffee is almost magical in its flavor! I always enjoy the aroma after grinding and after brewing, and the aromas are no doubt a part of this coffee's wonderful flavor. I have to admit this is my favorite.

Ethiopia - Bensa Natural

Love this coffee

If you want a good and excellent coffee, this in one you have to try. Love it very much!!! I will ordered again!!!

Best African coffee

This is the best coffe I have tasted. Coffee has low acidic body, rich cherry and berry flavors ending with a woody rich cherry after taste. I love this coff

Costa Rica - Finca Salazar Natural - 5 Pound Bag
Smooth and sweet

The coffee is great! Love the roast. It is super smooth and very aromatic. I love the fruit notes. The strawberry note really makes it unique. I am currently using my batch brewer/ drip and it is good. I would like to use my other brewing methods, which I have about 10 but I’m building a house and everything is in storage. All in all, good coffee. You can’t go wrong with single origin coffee from Black Oak.

Subtle Fruity taste

Excellent Coffee. I love the subtle fruity taste added to my expresso mix.

Dark Roast, Perfect Gift

I sent this to a dear coworker for her birthday and she loves it! She's been drinking it every day since then and described it as a high-quality taste that's up there with the best of French Roasts. Will send her some again!

Fast service

Easy to order and really fast delivery

Love It!

Only my 2nd shipment but everything has been so good! I seem to be drinking more coffee than I did before, just can't wait to get more! You can taste the freshness and the hint of flavors is perfect.

Impressed that decaf could taste this good!

I enjoyed these decafs as an espresso, americano, and ristretto over ice cream — yum, I got chocolate caramelly notes. And I love how the coffee is always shipped so fresh!


I order Canopy but then ask for, and receive, French Roast Decaf which is the best coffee I have ever had. I have asked McKenzie to put it on the order list at some point. They accidentally sent me Canopy in December and while I liked it, I prefer FRD. I LOVE the new packaging with the easy to open top. Great improvement.

Costa Rica - Finca Salazar Natural
I almost don't want to tell you how good it is 'cause I want it all for myself

Have you ever, as consumer, known that something was so good and that everyone who really loves this type of thing should try it, but at the same time been reluctant to share how good it is because you want it all for yourself? That is me writing this review. This coffee is SO GOOD. As parents to preschool aged twins who both have full-time jobs, my husband and I have become very serious about our coffee. We also like variety, however, so we like to try new things. Now, I should explain that typically my husband makes the coffee in the morning and puts it in a travel mug for me to drink at work. I know that travel mug isn't ideal for a coffee flavor, but sometimes ya gotta make due. This coffee is so good that I took my first sip of it in a Zoom meeting and literally stopped the conversation to text my husband about how good it is. It's so good, it feels like a guilty pleasure. I wish I was the sort of person who could tell you that it has a floral nose with a citrus body and a final note of gravel or whatever, but I'm not. Friends, this coffee is just good. We're now a year into a global pandemic. Buy this coffee. Make this coffee. Let one cup of coffee feel like self-care. Even if your twins are screaming and you're late for work. You won't regret it.