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Great as cold brew!

Hot, I get flavors of chocolate, red berries, and earth with a little bit of underlying funk and a toasted almond end note. Earthy and funky not being my thing (despite loving that unexpected toasted-almond turn), I was brewing it for my husband, who tends toward more traditional coffee flavors, and he really enjoyed it...until I decided to try it as cold brew and ended up hoarding most of the rest for myself. ;) It's not Wush Wush for me, but, man, is it a super-satisfying kick in the rump on a hot summer morning.

It’s so delicious!! You can taste the sweetness of the bean with a hint of chocolate. Love black oak !!!

Love Black Oak!

It's very good. But a little too sweet for me. It's a 5 star coffee but a 4 star for my personal pallet

Very tasty. Has a nice strong flavor and mixes well with most creamers.

morning delite


New Favorite

I absolutely love this one. About to order a 5lb. bag. Light, smooth, and super drinkable.

Black Oak take the wheel!

So nice to have a pro do the picking! Fun way to try stuff I wouldn’t know to try :)

Bestseller Bundle
Maxwell rulon-miller


Our go-to morning coffee

We recently discovered Black Oak coffee in Healdsburg on the way to Mendocino and had it again the same weekend at Fog Eater Cafe. We feel so fortunate to have happened across it and are delighted to have a coffee subscription now. Vineyard is wonderfully rich, dark and smooth. It makes fantastic French press coffee!

Rich, chocolatey and exactly as described…. Medium roast

An excellent well crafted coffee. Very delicious and wonderful to drink.

Rwanda - Mushonyi
Glenna Norris
My new favorite!

I just tried to order extra because this is definitely my new favorite EVER! So delicious. I hope it’s in my next subscription order. ❤️

My favorite cofee

This coffee has a mild and flavorful taste with a powerful wake up possibilities. It makes me waking up in the morning possible and always leaves full satisfaction when my cup is empty! It also never gets boring- my daughter and i have been drinking it for few years now.

Bestseller Bundle
Patricia Ibarra
Fabulous, richest not to strong but enough

I'm in love!Thank you for making me switched from Starbucks crappie coffee to just wonderful, tasty delicious cup of coffee. I remove my hat and bow towards your excellent coffee. Keep up the good work and don't change.

Coffee to the next level

Break out of your daily grind! I knew I would be happy having different coffees delivered to me every month. Something to change up my usual routine morning brew. But I wasn’t ready for the amazing complex flavors presented by the different Black Oak roasts. I find my self sitting and contemplating the cup instead of stressing on the upcoming day. I can’t believe it took me so long to join the club. If you enjoy the complexities of wine or the subtleties of different hops then a coffee club subscription is the next logical step.

Very Good

Wine like body, I got hints of blueberry pie. Very good cup of coffee. I used pour over method.

Good, but.....

It’s good, but lacks the depth of flavor and complexity of say, Kuta Ridge. My husband and I like it but don’t love it.

Heartwood Medium Roast
Patrick Murray

5 stars based on quality and freshness, but it's not my style. It's way too light of a roast, and from the description I thought it would be a bit more robust.

Mellow taste

Perfect for me - no bitterness. Yet hearty.

My Good Morning Cup

The Arbor Organic Decaf is one of the best decafs I ever tasted. The milk chocolate and dried fig definitely come through with a toasty finish. I've a lifelong love of coffee having switched to mostly decaf long ago, and Arbor's deep, complex flavors more than satisfy. Thank you!

Burundi - Nemba
Sita Packer
Totally yummy,

My husband and I love this rich, delicious coffee. It is a real treat.

Burundi - Nemba
Sergey T.
Very good

Not exceptional, but very good coffee. The roast is not very light though – I would say it looks closer to a medium side. But it seems to be a common issue with almost all light roasted coffee across the US – the coffee turns usually darker than I used to think the light roast should be.

Another Black Oak Winner

Black Oak's tasting notes for the El Pastoral are spot on. It is listed as a light roast but I would describe the beans in my bag as being a medium-dark roast, very much in line with the typical profile of other Black Oak offerings. The El Pastoral makes a very pleasant and interesting cup of coffee. The fruit and roasted cocoa flavors are both front and center; the coupling is well-balanced, unusual and quite tasty. Give it a try!

Best Matcha Around

This matcha is hands down the best I have ever had. It's not overly bitter and it incorporates into warm water really well (no weird chunks). I recommend to anyone looking for a good quality matcha.

Duomo Espresso or Drip
Rebecca Mason
Can’t live without it

Many many years on my quest for the coffee of my dreams. A friend stumbled onto the Duomo. I have found my holy grail