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Heartwood Medium Roast
Vincent Fabrizzi
My New Favorite

This coffee is delicious. Creamy, sweet and nutty is the best way I can describe it. Heartwood is my new go to coffee.

Awesome as always! Thanks for being a great coffee company!


This is the single most vibrant coffee I have ever tasted, including other anaerobics. It's incredibly complex (even with my heathen French press), but though the flavor pops you in the mouth (it's almost like a "natural flavors added" version of coffee), the floral and brighter fruit notes make it feel almost delicate at the same time? Kinda hard to wrap my head around. Definitely a coffee for musing on, rather than gulping while mindlessly shoveling down cereal, one foot out the door. And while I certainly couldn't afford it on the regular (and I'm not even sure my tongue would want a coffee this amped up every day), I'm really glad my subscription discount encouraged me to splurge. This one's an experience.

Black Oak Tasting Club
Robert Sample


Great coffee!

From the grinding of beans to brewing it, the aroma is so warm and inviting! The taste is smooth and delicious. You can’t go wrong with this roast!

Black Oak Tasting Club

Amazing fruit and floral

This coffee is exquisite. It's light and sweet, with comparatively low oil. I brewed as a pour over as well as a blooming espresso, both of which had amazing notes that changed enjoyably as the drink cooled. Strongly recommended.

amazing nuance

The best coffee great price

I am from Willits and now live in San Francisco and to get my mendo favorite.

Duomo Espresso or Drip
Todd Hallinan
Duomo for drip

An amazing well balanced coffee, perfectly roasted.

This coffee has so much natural process flavor of fruit and wine, it is like a sangria in coffee form. Another excellent find from Black Oak.

Black Bart Dark Roast
Christina Taylor
Great blend

We tried this blend at a bed and breakfast in Mendocino and loved it! We found it and purchased a subscription. It’s our daily coffee and we love it!

Redd: Autumn
Thomas K.
Not a favorite of mine

Black Oak coffee is the best but Redd is not at the top of my list. I’ve tried several different grind sizes, water temps, coffee to water ratios, etc. I’m using a Chemex and I’m unable to make a 5 star cup of coffee with it. Perhaps it’s better to make espresso with it.

Papua New Guinea - Jiwaka Natural

Russian River Wildlife T-Shirt

A tasty gift to someone special or for yourself!

A wonderful coffee selection to break up the usual morning cup of joe. Makes a wonderful gift to the coffee lovers in your life. Also, the price and shipping are a wonderful deal!

Sharp and stated COFFEE taste!

I love me my French/dark roast coffees and this set screams the nuances of all the flavors I appreciate in these styles of created coffees. The price and shipping can't be beat for this quality of beans.

Love all the coffee that has been sent. I didn't realize how bad my coffee I had been drinking was...until Black Oak came along!

Duomo Espresso or Drip
Stephanie Nelson
I've been ordering from Chicago....

Had this coffee in Healdsburg over a year ago and loved it. I have found that with a discount and free shipping, it's comparable in price to buying locally. Worth it!

Duomo is Divine

I bought at tiny market when I was passing through Elk on Hwy 1. I decided to give it a try and run it through my existing grind setting for my espresso machine. Holy cow! It came out w/ that perfect caramel crema and packed w/ flavor. It has that perfect sweet finish that's elusive to get. I normally run Intelligensia Black Cat, Stumptown Hairbender, Tonys Sugarbee, and a few central CA coast small roasters I can get locally but this is now my favorite.

Duomo is the great blending coffee...

I mix Duomo with Minas Light Roast or with a lighter Kona. It's great mixed with Wagon Wheel too, if you like a darker roast...

Duomo: If you're out, you have a real problem, so I get it in 5lb bags.

My favorite culpa!

Thanks again for this coffee. While we try most of the other offerings that are consistently good, we always come back to this. 😎

Roaster's Choice - Papua New Guinea - Waghi Valley
Alan Foster
Sublime aroma and flavor!

If you like the unique bouquet and flavor of the Java and Indonesia coffees, you will love this beautiful, yummy brew!

Black Oak Tasting Club
madison nelson
Love the dedication to their mission

Love these coffees, especially when they support local farmers and occasionally donate 10% of proceeds to nonprofit organizations. Shows a dedication to help global social issues.

Roaster's Choice - Tanzania - Mbozi
John Tonge
Best so far.

For my taste this is the best coffee I've tasted so far in the coffee club. I've been a member for about a year.
Even when I screw up my pour it still comes out great.

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