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Brazil - Arara Honey
robyn spector mccallister
Best coffee ever

I love coffee. I love black oak coffee. This arara honey puts all others to shame. The best coffee I've ever tasted.

Mellow brew

Very floral smelling while it brews.

Great cupcakes joe!

Always wonderful flavor!

Nice typically pungent Indonesian type profile. Perhaps a bit too heavy on the dark chocolate notes and not quite enough of the exotic forest floor/pipe tobacco notes I expect from Indonesia/Java/Sumatras

Awesome Black Bart

Black Bart is always one of our go to coffees. Great flavor!

Coffee coast to coast

We were in California the first of 2022. We had this coffee at an inn. I couldn’t get over how great this coffee is! I continue to buy it around every 6 weeks and have it sent to our home in Virginia. We love it!


Wonderful, absolutely wonderful.

Redd: Autumn
Lelah Levin

Redd: Autumn

Redd: Autumn

Redd: Autumn

Heartwood Medium Roast
William Rooney
Big fan

Standard medium strength with solid flavor. It's a great everyday drink!

Decaf Bundle
Fresh White

Glad to have found this coffee on my way through Ukiah. Even my mail order was fresh, rich and flavorful. So glad I ordered the bundle.

Wagon Wheel: the very best!

Love, love love sippint on a fresh cuppa Wagon Wheel in the morning! I order it 5 pounds at a time, and we use every bean. It is simply the best coffee ever.

One of my favorite coffees.

I've been getting this coffee for more than a year now. Every time I get a different coffee I'm disappointed and go back to this one. Such a good roast and bean!

Ethiopia - Thirteenth Sun
Robyn McCallister
Fantastic cup of coffee

Sets a high bar, hard to enjoy average coffee after this.

Heartwood Medium Roast
Dorsey Manogue
Amazing flavor profile in this coffee.

I moved to Tennessee after living in Ukiah for 25 years. This coffee was a favorite at my bed and breakfast and is equally well received by my friends and guests here in the South!
It’s a welcome taste from my home state.

We love your coffee. It is smooth and delicious first thing in the morning.

Bestseller Bundle
Sean Campbell
Excellent Find in CA

We picked up a bag of Black Oak while visiting Sonoma this summer and loved it! Decided we needed to try more and have been and have been delighted by the 2 new blends!

Best coffee

There are so many good Black Oak coffees to choose from, but I always go back to this organic gem. It’s smooth, nutty; a morning delight!

Zambia - Kateshi
Caryll Blount

Zambia - Kateshi

Great light roast with blueberry notes

A true light roast with nice acidity and wonderful blueberry notes throughout. So glad I found this stuff. You know a coffee is good when it smells good right when you open the bag.

Ethiopia Wuri Natural

Lovely African coffee with cherry and blueberry notes. Great pour over and espresso

Heartwood Medium Roast
Mike Rogalski

Terrific depth of flavor, well done.

Ethiopia - Wuri Natural
Steven Jay Harry
Fruity n smooth

Black oak is amazing at Ethiopian naturals

Heartwood Medium Roast
Marie Scigliano
Heartwood Medium Roast

This coffee is so delicious that I am happily surprised every morning. It has a balanced flavor that satisfies my caffeine and flavor needs and it is the perfect way to start my day. Heartwood has been my coffee for the last six years and I hope it will be available for many years to come.

balanced and flavorful

Every once in awhile I manage to get coffee that really suits the season and this has been one. It works well with the pour over method and our morning coffee has been very enjoyable.