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Canopy Decaf
Meredith Olson
Decaf canopy

Delicious with rich flavor and hint of chocolate

Best there is

This is the best coffee I have ever had. Fresh. Interesting. Fulfilling. Complex. Satisfying. Thank you.

Thirteenth Sun

So happy to see Thirteenth Sun return to Black Oak’s single origin’s lineup. Wonderful tasting brew. Great for breakfast or any time. Long time Black Oak fan. Keep up the good work.


So full of flavor, it’s almost like eating food!

Heartwood Medium Roast

Peru - Rutas del Inca
Jay Waller

Every coffee that is roasted that I have tried is my new favorite.

Perfect for espresso!


Fantastic coffee

Black oak coffee were fantastic, really enjoyed them and this one was great. Will def order again

Peru - Rutas del Inca
Eugene Borodin
One of the Best

One of my favorite single origin from BO. Great every day coffee, so delicious and full of flavor. Getting another 5lb bag while it in stock.

Black Bart

The best

Love their dark roast

Honduras - Los Catadores
Jay Waller

Best morning cup of coffee! Black Oak coffee is the best.

Heartwood Medium Roast
Pauline Bybee

This is the best coffee for the price. It’s definitely one of my favorites.

Balanced, rich flavor

This espresso has a grounded flavor like a traditional espresso and also has lots of additional balanced flavors within the palette. I’m so glad I asked the baristas at the Black Oak cafe in Healdsburg about what to expect when I purchased and sampled this blend. Very yummy. Unpretentious and sophisticated at the same time. Totally my favorite!

Arbor decaf - superb coffee

I can sleep nights again. Caffeine affects me more as I approach 80. I thought my gourmet coffee days were over until I tried Arbor blend decaf. When brewed properly (slow pour over, 15:1, 196 degree filtered water) it makes a superb cup of coffee. Good job, Black Oak!

Duomo Espresso or Drip
Rebecca Hencky

Duomo Espresso or Drip

So fresh and delicious

Love this coffee!

Ethiopia - Gedeo Natural
Amazing bright/berry coffee

Prepared with an aerotpress + fellow prismo. I keep coming back, for the same reason other reviewers do!

Black Oak Tasting Club
Dane Stevenson
Excellent club

Despite the cost increase accounting for supply chain and inflation, this club still provides maximum value for the best beans out there! Love supporting the local roaster that tops all other coffees I’ve had!

Black Oak Tasting Club
Cynthia Smith

Fabulous coffee

My favorite Black Oaks Espresso

A few years ago we were driving through CA on a 6,000 mile road trip and stopped at small country store to grab a cup of coffee and stretch our legs. We pulled back on the road and I sipped my coffee and was blown away. Best cup of coffee I had ever had. I reminisced about that coffee to my wife for years. This year for Christmas she traced our route and found that country store and figured out that they served Black Oak coffee. She gave me my first Black Oak gift card. I'm happy to say my initial first impression was spot on. And the Orchard so far is my favorite. Dark but still complex. And the prettiest espresso we pull.

Redd: Summer
Samala Ray

This is the best darn coffee EVER. Wandered in while in town for a dental appointment, and was blown away. Got home and called to see what did I drink?!? And ordered the 1st of many bags to come of this magical elixer.

Yummy and smooth

Love the flavor - so mellow

Ethiopia - Gedeo Natural - 5 Pound Bag
James Dodson
Very good coffee

Very happy with this coffee and with the black oak coffee company. Shipped quickly. I will continue to use this company

Great easy going cuppa

Great tasting easy going cuppa