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Looking for natural? Buy This.

I work in the coffee industry for years; and have drunk it for longer.

This is one of the best coffees I think I have ever had, in my life. Easily within the top 3, qualitatively.

I usually seek out natural process over washed/honey/etc, due to the complex flavors and lack of burnt smell; this coffee is hitting two for two and will get ordered again.

Fruity cups are a sure-shot, when pouring over at a 1:16.66 ratio, 42g beans/700g water for around 5 min.

As Michael's review states, there are no grassy notes or funk left over from fermentation. Another huge plus.

This coffee has no weaknesses or downsides, and i do not say that flippantly. Get this while you can, because it is a rare offering.


Love this one, thanks Black Oak!

great all around coffee

bought this for my espresso machine, but also great in the drip machine. not everyone likes the single origins coffees, so I will serve this to everyone's delight.

another hit from black oak

love this coffee with pleasant notes of berries. enjoying as much as I can before the coffee armageddon arrives.

Heartwood Medium Roast
James Cochran
Heartwood a winner

The smooth coffee from Heartwood is just right to start my day.

My favorite Monday morning kick

It's a warm hug followed by a kick in the behind to help me start my week. It helps that it's also delicious.

Amazing coffee

Black oak roast world class blends

Awesome Delight

I am very happy to be in this club, awesome selection of coffee and great customer service.

The Best Deal in Coffee Subscriptions

Black Oak’s coffee subscription is the best coffee for the best price. Go ahead, shop around. I’ll wait. Not Blue Bottle, not Intelligentsia, not Trade or Moustache. The quality for the price cannot be beaten. Go ahead, get you some.


Blueberry chocolate chip muffin.
The natural process fruits: blueberries in this case, do come out noticeably. I enjoy natural-processed beans but I found myself tiring of the taste profile after a few days, so ended up alternating days with other beans throughout the weeks. I would still re-buy this though.

descriptors spot on

Cocoa in the beginning and green apple acidity on the finish are spot on descriptors. Great with a V60 pourover

Heartwood Medium Roast
Lauren Danielson

Love this coffee!

Best Espresso Beans Ever!

As a fan of Black Oak who lives in another state, I was happy to see that Orchard came in a 5 lb bag since we go through beans so quickly. We've enjoyed the espresso and other drinks we make so much. My husband was once a daily customer of a certain mass coffee chain, but has stopped going altogether because the quality doesn't even compare to what we make at home thanks to these awesome beans.

That ish is the shishnit

Wake up and be amazing

Good stuff!

Good, interesting and different in taste/profile from other varietals. Love the Umami flavor. Black Oak, as usual, keeps things from becoming mundane!

My favorite coffee...for years

I've enjoyed this coffee since my company served it as one of their main brews in 2015. In 2017, when presented with an opportunity to change up the coffee in my new workplace, I held a blind taste taste in which 100 employees participated. All the "major" brands were there–Black Oak's Black Bart was by and large the winner and the main brew chosen going forward. Now, I get to enjoy this coffee virtually every day with my monthly subscription sent to my home. Dark, smooth (not bitter), and well- balanced, this will be our home's main choice of coffee for years to come.

Black Oak Tasting Club
Robert Papadopoulos


Best single origin offering yet

This coffee is incredible. I just bought three more bags after receiving some in my tasting club shipment.

Great Crema for an Espresso

The syrupy goodness and reddish brown crema was so visually exciting. The smell had that distinctly chocalatey aroma. The taste was heavenly without bitterness well-balanced in feel.

Great coffee and the company always ships it fast!

Canopy Decaf
Mo King
Some of the best coffee I've tasted--decaf or otherwise

I drink one cup of caff and one decaf just about every day. This coffee slaps. I like it more than almost any coffee--decaf or otherwise--I've ever tasted. My roommates agree it's the best brew in our house. A++ I will keep ordering until I die.

Perfect coffee

I have been looking for years for a non bitter strong coffee that is smooth. I finally found it. SO good!!!!

Black Oak Tasting Club
Robert Sentinella

Loved the tasting club Panama duo. The washed one was my favorite. I also can’t say enough about the tasting notes on the card that comes each month. It’s fun to play with the ratios and temps as they describe. One of the reasons Black Oak is my favorite coffee company.

Canopy Decaf
Elizabeth Brown
Can Decaf Coffee Really Be Delicious?

I usually forego a cup of coffee rather than drink one that is decaf, but this decaf is so delicious I welcome a cup in the early evening after supper. Thank you Black Oak Roasters for creating the best coffee EVER!

Always a fresh delicious cup!

I love Black Oak's tasting club!
Single origin light roast beans freshly roasted and sent to my door! They even can customize your deliveries for you, something i had to do when i realized that 2 bags would only last me 3 weeks instead of a month.
Thanks guys!