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Delicious and fulfilling

The organic espresso is by far my absolute favorite and will be purchasing another 5lb bag soon


I liked this blend. Not as much as wagon wheel or black Bart but those are my “go-to” favorites from black oak. I enjoyed the different flavor of this and alway appreciate being able to sample a bag like this every once in a while… said while she takes another sip.


The best coffee ever!

Best of the Best!

Hands down one of the years best coffees.

First experience

I really enjoyed drinking coffee from my first two selections for this month. They both made me impatient for morning to arrive. They kept very well in our carafe for the rest of the day with delightfully subtle flavor variations as the coffee cooled. I look forward to upcoming arrivals. Thank you for selecting these beans and carefully roasting them.

Another great Ethiopian coffee

This coffee is rich, full, berry and chocolate, and clean.

All time fave

I think this is my all-time favorite. Delicious.

Great Organic Dark Roast

This is great coffee delivered direct to my mailbox! A rich flavor that starts off my morning just right!

Great taste

We use it for espresso and it taste great. Fast shipping and we will buy again

I love this coffee. I used to purchase in smaller bags, and decided to try buying 5lbs instead. The grind is a little bit finer, but that did not change my opinion of the coffee! Also, the customer service for my online ordering from Iowa has been excellent! Thank you :)

Guatemala - El Chalun
Suzanne Shimoyama

Amazing- subtle.

Black Oak Tasting Club
William Greif

Love the coffee. The best!

Black Oak Tasting Club
Martin Schwartz
Its just great

What can I say- just the best coffee around, and I’ve bought coffee from many of the best known craft roasters in the country.

Happiness in a cup

This roast has a nice robust flavor with a smooth finish. I love that when you receive your coffee shipment it is literally roasted a day or two before. Feels great to be supporting a local company who is producing a great product.

Great coffee. Makes a great shot and a cup.

fruit candy and wine

The cups you will get out of this natural will be second to none, and quite unique. the bag smells overwhelmingly of berry and fruit. Using a 42g beans and 700g water (16.67:1 ratio), I first pick up on notes of varying berry preserves/tart candies on my taste-buds, hints in my nose as though i have smelled a very dark red wine, and a nutty undercurrent carries itself through the cup, i often notice more of a milk chocolate toward the end.
If you like natural coffees, do not miss your chance to try this one. It has unique fermentation characteristics not present in its counterparts, and is worth every penny.

Love Black Oak Coffee!

Love this coffee it is consistently smooth and full of flavor.

Outstanding Ethiopian natural, with the wonderful fruitiness I prefer.

Outstanding Ethiopian natural, with the wonderful fruitiness I prefer.


Wonderful coffee for a French press

Ethiopia - Gedeo Natural
michelle wirrell

This is one of the best coffees I have ever tasted. The fist sip and I was in coffee heaven. So smooth! Getting ready to order another bag.

really great daily coffee

We got a good quality espresso machine for our office and coffee intake went way up! I am SO pleased to find a local roaster for a really solid, delicious, daily espresso - maybe it's not going to wow the connoisseur looking for something exciting and new, but it is for sure going to make a universally appealing, delicious espresso. And it's organic!

Although I obviously haven't tried all of the coffee in the world, I am still pretty sure Black Oak is the best coffee on the planet. The monthly subscription makes it so easy to make sure we never run out!!! Thank you!!!

Duomo Espresso or Drip
Rajashekar Mamidi
Great coffee

Great coffee

Very good and balanced

I like this one, it's my preferred mid morning cup. Great flavors, just the right amount of acidity, and the roast is not overwhelming.

Guatemala - El Chalun - 5 Pound Bag
Ray Xiong

Guatemala - El Chalun - 5 Pound Bag