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Duomo Espresso or Drip
William Kinsey
Outstanding flavor

I try espresso from many well regarded roasters and this the best for what I’m looking for in great coffee taste

Black Bart Dark Roast
Robert Gutierrez
So good it keeps me up at night

I have a reason to wake up in the morning. The first thing I do is fire up the Jura and then I begin to wake up... BB is the coffee I wanted to be when I grew up, smooth and sweet. I first encountered Black Oak coffee in Rohnert Park at Chila-Killa and drove directly from there to Healdsburg…it was that good. I now purchase 5lb bags online because I live in SoCal but I would drive the 8 hrs if I had to.

Absolutely delicious.

I ended up loving this coffee. It grew on me day by day, and by the time I got to my old favorite, Tolima had stolen its place. I love the natural coffees in general, and this one has a depth and richness that can't be beat.

Sweet & Clean

Wonderful job on this roast profile of the Ethiopian ShantaGolba Washed. Sweet, clean, and full of florals, lemon, dried tropical fruit, and green tea. Consistent from hot to room temp. Delicious.

Consistently clear and elegant taste

I'm a visiting Physics student at Cal. Had a rough start (broken computer, plus all sorts of errands with housing/food/courses) with the semester until your coffee (and my newly bought 1zpresso grinder) saved me!

The beans were a big surprise for an espresso blend subscription. I received two packages each around 300g this month and have been enjoying every brew for 15 days straight.

I'm not an expert with coffee but the flavors are so distinct and clear. You will not find even the slightest hint of the sour fuzzy background which just pops up every time you get an average espresso blend. Not this one.

Will surely continue my subscription. Thank you for your excellent work.

Duomo Espresso or Drip
Sean Campbell
Great find while visiting CA!

A couple of years ago we took the family out to California for a vacation. While stocking up on supplies at the grocery store, we bought some Black Oak Duomo. We thoroughly enjoyed it! Since then, we have ordered it a couple of times. This time we went BiG and ordered the 5lb bag!!

Our go-to coffee

We have these beans in our espresso machine on a regular basis. It never disappoints! We follow the calibration recommendations provided by Black Oak and get a perfect cup every time!! We love Duomo. It tastes pretty good as a pour over, too.

perfection in a cup

Meadow has been my favorite roast so far. It had sweet notes but was also nutty in flavor. I look forward to brewing this each morning now! I even want to eat the beans, they smell so good. The color, aroma, everything is perfect from Black Oak. Thank you for this delicious ritual in the morning! <3

Love this coffee! My friends keep coming back :)

Deep flavors, lighter roast, but not too light/sour, beautiful crema. Every delivery I like it even more!

Thank you black oak for recommending these beans!

Always the best

Colombia Tolima Natural

A wonderful coffee! Raspberry ganache? Are you kidding? Not at all. Rich, sweet notes of raspberry upheld by delicate dark chocolate hints make an exceptional cup for the coffee lover who DOESN'T think all coffee tastes the same. Very sweet -- yet bright at the same time.

PNG Kuta Ridge

This is one of the very best coffees ever. Ultra sweet notes of marshmallow and caramel literally saturate your taste buds with hints of fleeting bright notes mixed in as well. The sweet richness holds all the way through and lingers after swallowing. Not a harsh or negative aspect to this coffee in any way.

Great organic coffee!

We are very satisfied with Meadow! Smooth, great flavor, can't imagine someone not enjoying this coffee.

great coffee

The coffee was fragrant and delicious.

The sweet smell of coffee

This coffee not only fills my home with the most pleasant smells but is the best coffee I have ever tasted. I would always get a cup at Double D’s in Upper Lake when visiting. Now I get to have it at home.

These beans have a very nice full bodied but not bitter taste coming from my espresso machine. I am very pleased with it.

Rooibos Red Tisane
Robert Huba
Delicious great late night tea

Never tried rooibos but it was a great tea I’ll be buying this a lot

Ceylon Black Tea
Robert Huba
great black tea

A great black tea and gave me a jolt of energy. I’ll definitely buy again

Yin Hao Jasmine Tea
Robert Huba

Delicious and very floral

So good!

It is so hard to find good coffee these days, and this coffee was some of the best I've ever had. Good coffee is the one thing that I treat myself to, so I'm going to have to stick with Black Oak from now on. Thank you!

Holiday Roast
gail manning
Holiday Roast

Wonderful mellow coffee that’s a great gift during the holiday season.

Canopy Decaf
Gabriel Cruz Casanova

Les recomiendo este café es delicioso 😋!!

Holiday Roast
Carol Mulvenon
A perfect blend

I usually get the darker roast blends but decided to try something different for a change. It was very good from the very first sip when I immediately took note of the different flavor. Liked it so much I sent it to friends for the holiday… a little something different to perk up the morning routine.

Holiday Roast
Richard Sandoval
Holiday cheer

The coffee is well balanced, favorable and delicious.


We have enjoyed this coffee so much! We have subscribed,and that is saying something as we have never subscribed to anything.
Thank You 🤎

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