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Better Coffee, Delivered Monthly.


Drink award-winning coffee for less than $1/cup

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Matthew McDonald
Dank Coffee on the Reg

With the black oak tasting club, you get dank coffee on the reg. Not only is the coffee phenomenal, but my palette has increased tremendously. When people say, “notes of this, notes of that,” I now get what they’re talking about.

Also their customer service is dope. Every time I email them about something, a real actual human talks to me and explains things as if I’m also a real actual human. It’s nothing short of mind blowing. Love this company, love the coffee, and will continue my subscription for some time to come.

Robert Huba
Always the best

Used to live in Ukiah and now I order their coffees online. Highly recommended

Darryll Fletcher

Black Oak Tasting Club

John Tonge
Club Coffee is Amazing

I have never been disappointed by any of your coffee, but the club
coffee is always excellent. It favorably compares to coffee roasters
that charge twice as much per pound. I have pretty much stopped
buying from other roasters.

Stephen Cox

Didn't like the bourbon flavored coffee, but the other coffees were good

Ali Smith
Best Gift to ME!

I’ve been drinking Black Oak for years, nice to have it shipped straight to the house now. Quick and easy… and delicious. - Ali

Anne Adkison
Every coffee tastes amazing

I love this coffee club so much I doubled up, and now get 2x the coffees each month. Every blend is delicious, but subtly different from each other. I love opening my subscription box to see what’s new each month. Thank you!

Dave McEvers
Best Coffee/Best Price/Best Communication

This is an easy one (see the title). Black Oak's pricing is so much better than, for example, Blue Bottle. The coffee selections and quality are much better, too. The communication on orders is perfect... Not too much spam, just the information I need. I learned about this place from my Brother-In-Law, and I switched over from Blue Bottle, which I had switched to after an Intelligentsia shop closed in my neighborhood. I am a happy coffee drinker since I began my Tasting Club subscription at Black Oak.

Glenna Norris
My favorite coffee!

I am thrilled with my subscription to Black Oak Tasting Club. Best beans in the business. I used to only purchase the biggest bag of their house beans but now I can explore a little and try a variety. So yummy.

john mccormack
More coffee, please.

Single origin light roast coffee to do die for, brought to you by Ukiah’s Black Oak Coffee, the best monthly subscription in my portfolio.

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