• Arbor - Certified Organic Decaf
  • Arbor - Certified Organic Decaf


Arbor - Certified Organic Decaf

A comforting decaf for drip or espresso.

Bright fruit, milk chocolate



Description:  An arbor is a shelter made of tree branches, protecting what lies underneath from the elements. Our organic decaf is like the nice warm hug of a forest canopy, comforting and nurturing as an organic coffee should and without the intense caffeine. Try this with your preferred amount of milk and a good book, preferably under an arbor on a spring morning. Also fantastic as espresso. 

Size: 12 oz

Roast level: Medium 

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
My Good Morning Cup

The Arbor Organic Decaf is one of the best decafs I ever tasted. The milk chocolate and dried fig definitely come through with a toasty finish. I've a lifelong love of coffee having switched to mostly decaf long ago, and Arbor's deep, complex flavors more than satisfy. Thank you!

Patricia Roca
Excellent decaf

Actually, excellent, period. We were drinking Lavaza Dek, which is very good and the best I had found until we walked into Black Oak in Healdsburg. We have a decent espresso machine and grinder which make a big difference in the quality of the coffee, but even so it is possible to make a less-than-perfect cup. With the Arbor, even my mediocre pulls are very good!

Martin Cohn

This is the best decaf I've ever had. Full and tasty but without any bitter flavors.

Amy Warmerdam

Black Oak coffee has pretty much ruined it for all other coffee. I literally think everything else tastes terrible!

Deniz Tlabar
Most Delicious Coffee

I don't drink anything else, it's just SOOOO GOOD!

Meredith Olson

We love your coffee. It is smooth and delicious first thing in the morning.

Old yoga bum
Arbor decaf - superb coffee

I can sleep nights again. Caffeine affects me more as I approach 80. I thought my gourmet coffee days were over until I tried Arbor blend decaf. When brewed properly (slow pour over, 15:1, 196 degree filtered water) it makes a superb cup of coffee. Good job, Black Oak!

Page Gayk
Va coffee buyer

This is the BEST COFFEE EVER!!!!!

Happy wife
If Decaf is your thing, you’ll LOVE this!!

My husband only drinks decaf, so I got this to start his 65th birthday off with a special treat, and he was in heaven! Thanks so much for creating such a great decaf.

Suzanne Dunning
the only coffee

I can not tell you how grateful I am for this coffee- Black Oak in general is amazing but I can't do the caffeine so much without being a nut job so I do mostly this decaf- it's changed my life. its amazing. So much better than any decaf I have ever had in my life. Its also delicious mixed with the Duomo blend for a bit more kick.

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