• Wagon Wheel French Roast
  • Wagon Wheel French Roast


Wagon Wheel French Roast

Unapologetically dark and complex

Deep caramel, bittersweet chocolate



This is your classic French roast — roasted dark, almost to the point that makes our roasters nervous. But like all Black Oak coffees, we bring out the quality of the bean itself to showcase the bold yet smooth combination of browned sugars and bitter chocolate in a full-bodied, smoky cup. This one’s a favorite of many Black Oak customers when paired with cream and a little sugar.

Brewing Recommendation:
We brew our French roast as drip coffee using a ratio of 16:1 (by weight) of medium/fine ground coffee. See our drip brewing in action.

Roast level: Dark (for real!)

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
M Abraham
Best Coffee ever !!

I love Black Oak!! It is the best and I really enjoy every single cup I make. It always fresh and an amazing aroma !!

john mccormack
Wagon Wheel French Roast

Exceptional depth, well rounded with a smooth finish with accents of cocoa, molasses and volcanic ash.

Ryan Fick

Awesome coffee!

Randy Krelle

I’ve been on a quest to find a good cup of dark roast coffee for my morning ritual. It’s one cup a day for me, and it’s got to be good. I’ve found my favorite coffee, and it’s Wagon Wheel. So smooth, great body and hints of chocolate. Perfect. Please don’t change anything. Glad I found you.

Kristina Brown
Wagon Wheel: the very best!

Love, love love sippint on a fresh cuppa Wagon Wheel in the morning! I order it 5 pounds at a time, and we use every bean. It is simply the best coffee ever.

Outstanding roast!

My favorite French roast! Bold without bitterness or 'burned'. Smooth with chocolate notes - great depth. We ordered the 5lb bag.

Smooth w/ bittersweet chocolate notes

Smooth and slightly bitter dark roast without tasting burned. Just ordered their 5lb pound bag!

Eric Milliron
Simply the best.

Black Oak does not make a bad roast. That is simple truth. I stand behind this statement by having Black Oak send my coffee to Pittsburgh. There are great roasters in Pittsburgh, but none as good as Ukiah's finest!

Renee Bratt

The best coffee ever!

Carol Mulvenon
Full bodied and bold

Wagon Wheel French roast is full bodied and bold without any bitterness or “burnt” flavor that I sometimes detect in a French roast. Another perfect cup of coffee from Black Oak Coffee Roasters.

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