• Vineyard - Certified Organic French Roast
  • Vineyard - Certified Organic French Roast


Vineyard - Certified Organic French Roast

A rich and bold milk-friendly coffee

Smoky dark chocolate, browned caramel



We are surrounded by vineyards in Mendocino County, and it's always inspiring to see what winemakers are able to do with the fruit that comes from these old, gnarled vines. Our Vineyard French Roast is a nod to our friends across the field: taking a modest fruit and making it pack a punch. For ours, we take top-quality organic beans, then roast them for a nice balance of sweet and complex - the result is a rich and smoky cup that celebrates its dark-roasted character without falling into that too-bitter realm. It's a great coffee to start your day with. 

Brewing Recommendation
We brew our French Roast as a drip coffee using a ratio of about 1 oz of ground coffee for every 16 oz of water or a 16:1 ratio by weight. See our drip brewing guide in to learn more and watch a video.

Size: 12 oz

Roast level: Dark

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Our go-to morning coffee

We recently discovered Black Oak coffee in Healdsburg on the way to Mendocino and had it again the same weekend at Fog Eater Cafe. We feel so fortunate to have happened across it and are delighted to have a coffee subscription now. Vineyard is wonderfully rich, dark and smooth. It makes fantastic French press coffee!

William Wilharm
Great french roast

Next to Bad **** peaberry daek roast at $100 a pound now, this has be come my go to. Has body taste and no bitterness.

Nice Flavor

I enjoyed these Vineyard French Roast Beans. Terrific Flavor. I took off 1 star because I wish it was a little bit stronger.

Cynthia Smith

Love their dark roast

Great tasting coffee

My husband and I have been drinking Black Oak coffee for a couple years now and the Vineyard Organic French Roast is now one of favorites from Black Oak.

Sean Emad

This is such an excellent dark roast!

Rhonda J Bedard

This is a delicious French Roast! I have sent it to friends and they love it, too!

Sue Bacon
Smooth and comfortable

This coffee has a very nice aroma and creates comfortable feelings. I like it very much.

maria markoff
Fantastic coffee!

I love this coffee! It's my favorite.

P Travis
Love it

Love it

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