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Redd: Summer

Redd Summer offers a unique blend of anaerobic natural process coffee and traditional process Brazilian coffee. The natural process highlights fruit and caramel notes, while the traditional process provides a classic, rich, and full-bodied profile.

This is a delicious combination roasted to be perfect for espresso or traditional brewing. We worked to create something memorable to capture the flavor and joy of Summer.

Notes of Berries, Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut 



A River Runs Through It

Black Oak Coffee has proudly partnered with Russian Riverkeeper to create Redd, using our coffee to solidify a commitment to improving the health of local watersheds. 

Every bag of Redd Seasonal Coffee purchased will send 10% of profit to fund Russian Riverkeeper’s work of protecting the river that connects our cafes and communities.

Redd Tasting Notes
Bright notes of red fruit are balanced with round chocolate notes to produce exceptionally well balanced and flavorful cups. It is great for use as both espresso and drip coffee.

Our Choice for In-House Espresso
The name Redd is a tribute to the salmon of the Russian River that connects both of Black Oak’s cafes as well as Mendocino and Sonoma county. This blend is used for espresso in both of our cafes. The composition of the blend is updated seasonally. This allows us to seamlessly transition between the most freshly harvested green coffee, while capturing the essence of the seasons.

Redd is carefully crafted to have the exceptional balance necessary to produce extraordinary cups of light espresso while maintaining a nuanced flavor that helps enhance the joys that are unique to the changing seasons.

Brew Notes
We recommend starting with a 1:16 brew ratio. Using less water will add to the body of the cup and concentrate the heavier chocolate notes. 205°F water works well for Redd:Winter

Roast Level: Medium

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Nutty Explosion 4 and a half stars.

Been making this in a Hario Switch ground medium-fine half the water poured like a v60, at 45 seconds close the switch then Osmotic flow the rest of the water until 2:00 minutes hit. Delicious very well rounded textured coffee. Very little acidity but the dried red fruit notes like cherry show up. The star of this is the nuttyness. Great cup of coffee.


Rich cup with lightly floral notes. I am not usually a fan of floral or fruit coffee notes but this one had a nice balance. Made with my French press.

Thomas K.
Not a favorite of mine

Black Oak coffee is the best but Redd is not at the top of my list. I’ve tried several different grind sizes, water temps, coffee to water ratios, etc. I’m using a Chemex and I’m unable to make a 5 star cup of coffee with it. Perhaps it’s better to make espresso with it.

Good “wake me up” blend

Good flavor and balanced strength. Helps to wake you up in the morning and get you going!! Also liked the name Redd. :)

Melanie Tietjen

Great, drinkable brew for our espresso machine!

gail manning

Love your coffee! Red coffee is an excellent way to support the Russian River and start every morning with an amazing cup o joe. Great flavor…more chocolate and nuts and light floral..which is my favorites. Thanks Black Oak for making such wonderful roasts ❤️

Brian Seel
Awesome Everyday Drip

We're huge fans of Black Oak. Used to live in Sonoma County, now live in Florida, but still order our beans from Black Oak. We've tried many different single origins and blends. This Redd Autumn is one of the best all around. It's a pleaser for those who like a slightly darker roast and those who prefer the nuances of light roast. I'm buying more.

Claudia Mae Lawrence

Smooth and satisfying - a great start to the day.

Wiliam Florez
Just great

My first cup was just great. It has a thick body, but yet inviting with its sweet and smooth taste. Perfect for the winter season.

Lelah Levin

Redd: Autumn

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