• Duomo Espresso or Drip


Duomo Espresso or Drip

A versatile espresso blend for coffee lovers of all kinds

Bittersweet chocolate, caramel, carob



Duomo is our full-bodied Northern Italian style espresso blend with a rich roasted flavor and just a bit of bitter-sweetness — just like those beautifully simple yet complex espresso drinks you’ll find along the cobbled streets in Florence or Rome.

As versatile as it is delicious, this espresso blend is roasted for a distinctly Italian espresso style, but it also shows beautifully as a drip coffee.

Recommended Brewing
We love brewing Duomo as espresso with a 18-gram dose in a VST portafilter basket. Pull your shot to yield about 2 ounces (36-40 grams) of liquid espresso. Depending on your machine, the total shot time should vary from 20-30 seconds.

Top rated coffee on CoffeeReview.com with 91 points

Roast Level: Medium - Dark


Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Alan M.
Carmely deliciousness

This has become one if my favorite coffees for espresso. It's absolutely delicious in an affogato. Not to mention it was very easy to dial in a good shot.

Doris G
Balanced, rich flavor

This espresso has a grounded flavor like a traditional espresso and also has lots of additional balanced flavors within the palette. I’m so glad I asked the baristas at the Black Oak cafe in Healdsburg about what to expect when I purchased and sampled this blend. Very yummy. Unpretentious and sophisticated at the same time. Totally my favorite!

Rebecca Hencky

Duomo Espresso or Drip

Jan Weissenberger
Love this coffee for Latte

Black oak duomo is really fresh and delishes. We make Lattes and espressos. We highly recommend it

Terrific Espresso

Duomo makes an excellent espresso! Only thing that would make it better is to make it with organic beans.

Jaemie M Caporali

Okay, so let me start by saying that I don’t drink coffee…until now. This coffee started off as a gift for a co-worker. It arrived and I fell in love with the smell of it. I then ordered a bag for my husband, and he absolutely loved it, too. Now, it was in my house and I could smell it all the time-in the kitchen, and then through the whole house as it was brewing. This stuff SMELLS AMAZING! Okay, I have to try it…but again, I don’t drink coffee. Daaannngg…I just have to say, if you are a coffee newbie like me, make this your first cup! You will not be disappointed!!! This coffee has a wonderful aroma, it is so smooth, and that taste-YUMMMMM!!! Three snaps in Z formation for Black Oak Coffee - you nailed this blend! In short, don’t pass this up…just try it.

Rajashekar Mamidi
Great coffee

Great coffee

Eric Milliron
The best in the west...and the rest

As an ex-Seattleite I know a little about beans! While I currently live in Pittsburgh, I have Duomo shipped to my doorstep because I feel it is the best. Pittsburgh has some great roasters, but I have found Black Oak to be superior in flavor, and believe it or not freshness! Yes, from ~3000 miles Black Oak comes to me with a roast date that beats what I can get in my own backyard. They have an amazing operation, and top notch customer service which is critical when you are not in NorCal. Keep up the great work and never change!

great all around coffee

bought this for my espresso machine, but also great in the drip machine. not everyone likes the single origins coffees, so I will serve this to everyone's delight.

Tim & Trenia Condon

excellent coffee

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