• Black Bart Dark Roast
  • Black Bart Dark Roast
  • Black Bart Dark
  • Black Bart Dark Roast
  • Black Bart Dark Roast


Black Bart Dark Roast

A uniquely enjoyable dark roast

Earthy, smoky and sweet



The outlaw Black Bart hid out just miles from our Ukiah roaster during his stagecoach robbing days, so it’s only right to name our dark roast after him — because Black Bart Dark is an outlaw, too. We blend 3 coffees, roasted to different levels: one roasted dangerously dark, one roasted medium, and one light. This blending style gives Black Bart a dark smoky flavor with full-bodied layers of complexity and sweetness that you’ll usually only find in lighter roasts. Designed to taste great straight black or with milk and sugar, Black Bart is a delicious match for savory breakfasts.

Recommended Brewing:
Brew as drip coffee using a ratio 14:1 to 16:1 (water : coffee).  For a single cup of drip coffee we would use about 20 to 25 grams (3-4 tablespoons). See our drip brewing in action.

Pair With: Bacon, eggs benedict, & other savory breakfast dishes. 

Size: 12oz

Roast level: Dark


Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Eric Milliron

Black Bart has become one of my favorite coffees from Black Oak. Picked up a bag on a whim in the shop, and now I have it on order every two weeks (w/ another bag to mix up during the week...). Another home run by one of the best roasters in North America!

Neeley Drown
My favorite Monday morning kick

It's a warm hug followed by a kick in the behind to help me start my week. It helps that it's also delicious.

Eric Horn
My favorite coffee...for years

I've enjoyed this coffee since my company served it as one of their main brews in 2015. In 2017, when presented with an opportunity to change up the coffee in my new workplace, I held a blind taste taste in which 100 employees participated. All the "major" brands were there–Black Oak's Black Bart was by and large the winner and the main brew chosen going forward. Now, I get to enjoy this coffee virtually every day with my monthly subscription sent to my home. Dark, smooth (not bitter), and well- balanced, this will be our home's main choice of coffee for years to come.

Perfect coffee

I have been looking for years for a non bitter strong coffee that is smooth. I finally found it. SO good!!!!

Malcolm Feeley
Great coffee

Wonderful coffee. I'd like to walk into your shop and order a cup of fresh-brewed coffee. So, I have a proposal. Why don't you relocate in Berkeley and give the local roasters a run for their money? I have no doubt you would come out on top.

Great roast. Complex flavors.

Excellent roast - good cream when I pull espresso shots. I tend to prefer darker roasts but this is an exception as it’s lighter roast but has flavors of dark roast. Works very well with my espresso maker.

A lovely coffee

This coffee was suggested to me by someone in San Francisco, and I was delighted to see it is locally roasted in my county. I have been purchasing coffee from a roaster in Pt. Arena for years and happy with it, but the Black Bart was smoother and sweeter and perfect for my espresso.

I will buy 5 pounds next time.

Frank Kadel

Excellent Dark Roast! I would love to see more dark roast offerings from Black Oak.

Tim & Trenia Condon

Great Coffee

If your into dark roast this is great

Smokey and smooth is the best way I can describe this blend. It's not as complex as I thought it would be but this is definitely a dark roast worth checking out. It would make excellent milk drink.

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