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Bestseller Bundle

Our three top coffees in one delicious bundle

Which just so happens to qualify for free shipping 

$41.00 $48.00


This bundle offers our most popular coffees in medium and dark roast flavors. Compare and contrast the distinct notes of caramel and molasses in the medium roast, and the bold and smoky flavors of the darker roasts. 

Pro Tip: This bundle settles in over our $35 free shipping tier

Side note: this bundle already has a coupon code applied and further coupons won't apply

Heartwood is a medium blend combines two coffees, roasted at different levels, to bring toasted milk chocolate profile with a bright, clean, finish that lingers in on the palate.

Duomo is our full-bodied Northern Italian style espresso blend with a rich roasted flavor and just a bit of bitter-sweetness — just like those beautifully simple yet complex espresso drinks you’ll find along the cobbled streets in Florence or Rome.

Black Bart
Dark smoky flavor with full-bodied layers of complexity and sweetness that you’ll usually only find in lighter roasts. Designed to taste great straight black or with milk and sugar, Black Bart is a delicious match for savory breakfasts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Maxwell rulon-miller


Patricia Ibarra
Fabulous, richest not to strong but enough

I'm in love!Thank you for making me switched from Starbucks crappie coffee to just wonderful, tasty delicious cup of coffee. I remove my hat and bow towards your excellent coffee. Keep up the good work and don't change.

Renee Bratt

Enjoying tasting the 3 different coffee blends

Dan V.
Excellent blends!!

My wife travels quite a bit for work & frequently brings me whole bean coffee from locations she’s visited. The 'Black Bart Dark Roast’ has been one of the best so far!! I've ordered the 'Bestseller Bundle’ and have enjoyed them all! I’m almost ready to order more, just not sure which! :-)

Richard Sandoval
great coffee

I ordered the bundle and have finished two bags. My favorite was the dark roast it was outstanding. Other brands seem to burn the coffee beans too much, The medium roast was also delicious. I will continue to purchase from Black Oak coffee Roasters.

Joyce T
A tasty gift to someone special or for yourself!

A wonderful coffee selection to break up the usual morning cup of joe. Makes a wonderful gift to the coffee lovers in your life. Also, the price and shipping are a wonderful deal!

Sandra Diaz
Great tasting coffee!

The coffee tasted as advertised. I visited the coffee shop in Ukiah and was blown away. Can’t wait to make my way up there again!

Renee Aldeghi

So far so good. Thank you for providing quality coffee.

Gary Winter

World class coffee in our own backyard!!!

kit horvath

I was happy that a coffee company was not BSing about their product. This will be my go to coffee. I'm quite pleased

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