• Orchard - Certified Organic Espresso
  • Orchard - Certified Organic Espresso
  • Orchard - Certified Organic Espresso


Orchard - Certified Organic Espresso

A beautiful blend for a bounty of flavor .

Dark chocolate, fruit, candied nuts



Mendocino County’s roots run deep in agriculture, and we boast an array of fruit and nut orchards that produce beautiful bounties every year. Our Orchard espresso blend is a celebration that heritage: a combination seasonal organic coffees that highlights each coffee’s natural fruit and candied nut flavors. It’s roasted just long enough to bring out a nice layer of toasty chocolate. Orchard is big, just like Mendocino County — and it’s great as a straight shot or in your favorite latte.  

Brewing Recommendation
We brew our espresso at home with a 18-gram dose in a VST portafilter basket. Pull your shot to yield about 2 ounces (36-40 grams) of liquid espresso. Depending on your machine, the total shot time should vary from 20-30 seconds.

Size: 12 oz

Roast level:  Medium/dark

Customer Reviews

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Amanda Long

Wonderful coffee for a French press

Such good coffee!

I live in Brooklyn, but I have a monthly subscription to Black Oak coffees because they are so good! I visited Ukiah years ago and have been hooked ever since. My favorite roasts are Duomo and Orchard— two amazing espresso blends that are strong and smooth. Thanks Black Oak! Stay well in the pandemic! ❤️💜❤️

Traditional dark roastiness espresso best for milk drinks

I believe this is a quality coffee and I am confident it is expertly roasted. I just personally don't care for the relatively-dark roast, as the roast notes dominate the flavor profile and obscure any of the underlying flavors it may have. This is what I think many people encounter especially in their travels to certain places in Europe and have come to associate this with "espresso." For me, it was fine in a milk drink where those flavors are subdued, but I would not tend to drink it straight. For preparation, I am using an 18g dose at around 200F. For this particular coffee, I have to grind much finer than other coffees to get a yield of 40g in under 30 seconds. My target yield for most espresso is actually around 30g, and so I am still experimenting with the optimal yield and brew ratio.

Carissa C.
Yum. Thanks.

Yum. Thanks.

Lisa W.
I love all Black Oak

I love all Black Oak Coffee roasts!!

Eric I.
Froze it for later consumption.

Froze it for later consumption. I usually like your coffee a lot so I’ll give it a high rating in anticipation of full satisfaction.

Haida C.
I moved from Ukiah a

I moved from Ukiah a year ago and really missed BlackOak coffee. I was so happy to discover I can still purchase on line!
I use the Organic espresso for my latte every morning... bliss!

Marie S.
Smooth and full bodied! Delicious

Smooth and full bodied! Delicious

Nancy Bavis
:heart_eyes: Love :heart:️ it:heavy_heart_exclamation_mark_ornament:️Big kudos

:heart_eyes: Love :heart:️ it:heavy_heart_exclamation_mark_ornament:️Big kudos to Mackenzie for turning me on to it. Visiting amily here in Massachusetts & they love it too.

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