• Heartwood Medium Roast
  • Heartwood Medium Roast
  • Heartwood Medium Roast
  • Heartwood Medium Roast
  • Heartwood Medium Roast


Heartwood Medium Roast

Milk chocolate body with a clean crisp finish.

Sweet, Balanced, Nutty



Black Oak is located in the heart of redwood country.  The hills and valleys surrounding our roaster are covered in Redwood, Douglas Fir and Oak trees.  The center part of any tree is where the best, longest lasting, and most beautiful lumber comes from.  We wanted to create a blend that highlights what we think of as the best parts of coffee.  We combine two coffees to make the Heartwood blend.  The first coffee, roasted medium, gives the Heartwood its body and milk chocolate flavor.  The second coffee, roasted a bit lighter, gives the heartwood a bright, clean, finish that lingers in on the palate.

Pair With: A great morning breakfast coffee, this pairs well with oatmeal, granola, and dried fruit as well as more rich breakfast choices like eggs, french toast, pancakes, waffles, and real butter pastries and muffins. 

Roast level: Medium

Customer Reviews

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Evan Johnson
The roaster matters

Black Oak has really cracked the code on sourcing and roasting coffee. This is a lesson I learn every time I’m forced to fill in a few days until my next subscription order arrives. (Everything else out there? … "Notes of Burnt Tires and Cat Piss”.) Then the aroma-filled bags of “Meadow” & “Heartwood” arrive, and I get to remember how coffee can taste. I’m glad there’s this unique roaster out there.

Vincent Fabrizzi
My New Favorite

This coffee is delicious. Creamy, sweet and nutty is the best way I can describe it. Heartwood is my new go to coffee.

Great coffee!

From the grinding of beans to brewing it, the aroma is so warm and inviting! The taste is smooth and delicious. You can’t go wrong with this roast!

Curt Boxley
A Better Cup

Last year I received a gift of Heartwood Medium Roast coffee. I enjoyed that first cup and became dissatisfied with the beans I had been using although those beans were good the Heartwood blend is superior and is my cup of choice. The savings from the automatic shipment program is an extra bonus.

Julia Jacobs

Heartwood Medium Roast

Patricia Sotomayor
Best coffee

I discovered Black Oak when I went to trip to Healdsburg. Since then I started to order their coffee . It’s the best smooth well balance, totally 💯 the best

Jessica Alvarado
Best coffee ever!

I absolutely love the fresh flavor of the Heartwood blend! I grind it super fine and use an aeropress for my morning cup of coffee. I've tried other companies, but black Oak's coffee by far surpasses the flavor and quality. The Heartwood blend tastes nice and strong without the bitterness, yet I never get jittery from drinking it. I totally recommend this blend!

William Rooney
Big fan

Standard medium strength with solid flavor. It's a great everyday drink!

Dorsey Manogue
Amazing flavor profile in this coffee.

I moved to Tennessee after living in Ukiah for 25 years. This coffee was a favorite at my bed and breakfast and is equally well received by my friends and guests here in the South!
It’s a welcome taste from my home state.

Mike Rogalski

Terrific depth of flavor, well done.

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