• Wagon Wheel French Roast 5 Pound Bag
  • Wagon Wheel French Roast 5 Pound Bag
  • Wagon Wheel French Roast 5 Pound Bag
  • Wagon Wheel French Roast 5 Pound Bag


Wagon Wheel French Roast 5 Pound Bag

Unapologetically dark and complex

Deep caramel, bittersweet chocolate



This is your classic French roast — roasted dark, almost to the point that makes our roasters nervous. But like all Black Oak coffees, we bring out the quality of the bean itself to showcase the bold yet smooth combination of browned sugars and bitter chocolate in a full-bodied, smoky cup. This one’s a favorite of many Black Oak customers when paired with cream and a little sugar.

Brewing Recommendation:
We brew our French roast as drip coffee using a ratio of 16:1 (by weight) of medium/fine ground coffee. See our drip brewing in action.

Size: 80oz/5lb

Roast level: Dark (for real!)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
kathleen McCloskey
Wonderful Coffee!

The Black Oak French Roast is the best coffee we have found anywhere. Rich in flavor undertones and smooth as butter. No bitter aftertaste. We are sold!

Susan Steindler
Love it

Prefer Colombian medium roast as a rule but love the versatility of this roast.

Daniel C.
Wagon Wheel French Roast Coffee

Wagon Wheel French Roast Coffee is the best coffee I’ve had ever. I have tested and tasted many famous coffee brands from French Roast to Italian, Colombian, and 100% Kona blends and they don’t come close to the flavorful taste and goodness of Black Oak Coffee’s blend. I highly recommend this coffee. I am happy and fortunate to have stumbled upon their coffee shop in Ukiah California last year at a Ukulele Festival in that town. One large cup of coffee is all it took to make me a firm believer in their product. Great job Black Oak Coffee! Cheers and keep up the great work of introducing the public to great flavorful coffee blends.

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