• Vineyard - 5 Pound Bag - Organic French Roast
  • Vineyard - 5 Pound Bag - Organic French Roast


Vineyard - 5 Pound Bag - Organic French Roast

A rich and bold milk-friendly coffee.

Smoky dark chocolate, browned caramel

Whole Bean Only



We're surrounded by vineyards in Mendocino County - and it's always inspiring to see what winemakers are able to do with the fruit that comes from these old, gnarled vines. Our Vineyard French Roast is a nod to our friends across the field: taking a modest fruit and making it pack a punch. For ours, we take top-quality organic beans, then roast them for a nice balance of sweet and complex - the result is a rich and smoky cup that celebrates its dark-roasted character without falling into that too-bitter realm. It's a great coffee to start your day with. 

Brewing Recommendation
We brew our Frendh Roast as a drip coffee using a ratio of 16oz water (2 cups) for every 5.6oz medium/fine ground coffee. See our drip brewing guide in to learn more and watch a video.

Size:  80 oz/5lb

Roast level: Dark

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