• Support ICU Frontline Staff at Columbia Medical Center


Support ICU Frontline Staff at Columbia Medical Center

Black Oak customers support front line health care workers 



"Hello from the ICUs at Columbia Medical Center.”  That’s how the note we received from Zachary, a Black Oak customer and an ICU doctor in New York City began.  

“Here in the Department of Anesthesiology, our airway skills and critical care training have led us to the front lines of the fight for our patients infected with COVID 19.  As the crisis has grown, we’ve built extra ICU capacity, converting operating rooms into miniature ICUs staffed by the anesthesia residents, faculty, and wonderful nurses recruited from throughout the hospital - effectively creating the largest ICU in New York City.  As you can imagine, staffing this setup puts new demands on all of us and something that keeps us awake and alert during these times is the old staple: coffee.”

Right away, we committed to helping the hardworking doctors, nurses, and support staff at Columbia Medical Center stay caffeinated during their exhausting and dangerous work. We’re sponsoring this frontline hospital and reaching out to you, the Black Oak community to give you the opportunity to pitch in: 100% of donations go to getting plenty of freshly roasted coffee into the hands of front line medical workers. 

To support this program, add a donation here or in your cart upon checkout.

“This will go straight to the group who is caring for the sickest of the sick in our ICUs and around the hospital. ”

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