• Sumatra - Lintong


Sumatra - Lintong

Earthy and herbaceous, distinctively Sumatran

Orange, Fig, Cedar



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Nothing quite compares to the rich, earthy flavors of Sumatran coffees on the brightening brisk days of a new year. Zesty orange acidity with notes of fig, cedar, green herbaceousness combine with caramelized sugars, and lingering rich earthy tones.

Producer Notes: Sumatran coffees have a cult-like following in the US thanks to the unique combination of history, terroir, and process that goes into the beans. Sumatra has a long history of coffee cultivation, due to its proximity to the neighboring island of Java, where the Dutch East India Company began cultivating coffee smuggled out of Yemen in the 17th century. The soils of Sumatra are volcanic and cultivated by smallholder farmers. These farmers process their coffee using a technique known as giling basah or wet grinding, which leaves a layer of mucilage attached to the coffee bean for for an extended amount of time, helping to create unique Sumatran flavors.

Varieties:  Unknown

Processing Method:  Giling Basah

Size: 12oz

Roast: Light

Brew Notes: This coffee is versatile in terms of brew method. Coarser ground brews highlight the citric acid, heavy body, and burnt-caramel sweetness this coffee has to offer. Cups brewed with finer grounds yield a plethora of the herbaceous and earthy notes unique to Sumatran coffee.

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