• Rwanda - Kivu Murundo - 5 Pound Bag


Rwanda - Kivu Murundo - 5 Pound Bag

Phenomenal Rwandan coffee from the mountains overlooking Lake Kivu

Strawberry, Blueberry, Chocolate



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Tasting Notes

This coffee opens with a plum-like acidity and an overwhelming amount of the complex, subtle floral, sweetness of a dark amber honey. The syrupy honey sweetness lingers long after the brightness of the plum fades, giving way to more floral stone fruit notes and hints of jasmine. The sweet taste lingers well after the last hints of fruit have passed.

Producer Notes

This coffee takes half its name from the Murundo washing station which processed this coffee. Murundo is one of two washing stations operated by Kivubelt Estate, which produced the coffee cherry that went into this coffee lot.

In addition to serving as a coffee mill for the estate, Murundo also processes the coffee of the hundreds of small-holder farmers in the region. The collective is located in the mountainous Nyamasheke district on the North-East border of Lake Kivu. Rich volcanic soils, exquisite coffee varietals, and meticulous processing allow this collective to consistently produce specialty grade coffee.

The collective was founded by Furaha Umwizey, a native of Rwanda who studied economics in Switzerland. The two mills they operate serve both the Kivubelt Estate and around 500 smallholder farmers from the surrounding area. The mills and guidance of Umwizey provide critical infrastructure that allow farmers from this region the ability to produce extremely high quality coffee, which maintains its quality throughout the processing, and is able to command price premiums at market.

How to brew

This coffee can produce a range in terms of cup quality. Sweeter, more structure oriented cups are possible with higher brew ratios on the order of 1:14 while more floral cups are produced with a 1:16 ratio.

Varieties: Local Bourbon 

Processing Method: Washed, Dried on a Raised Bed

Producer: Kivu Estate, Murundo Washing Station

Altitude:  5800-5900'

Size:  80oz

Roast:  Light Roast

Customer Reviews

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So chocolately!

This first taste wasn't especially amazing however the size of the bean and region shone thru. As I let the bean age the recommended one week after roasting I tried again. My word! This has to be my new favorite. Chocolate! Oh, and a little goes a long way. My pour over doesn't require a lot to provide a robust cup. Great perk in a world with $6+ gas prices. Thanks BO. Keep sending your java explorers far and wide.

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