Redd: Spring - 5 Pound Bag

The spring installment of our new, lightly roasted blend that is excellent as espresso, pour over or drip

A rich cup full of notes of chocolate, candied nuts, and floral notes



A River Runs Through It

Black Oak Coffee is partnering with Russian Riverkeeper to create Redd, using the blend to represent a commitment to improving the health of local watersheds.

Every bag of Redd Seasonal Coffee purchased will send 10% of profit to fund Russian Riverkeeper’s work of protecting the river that connects our cafes and communities.

Redd Tasting Notes
We curated the components for this coffee to create a blend that captures the essence of spring. Redd produces full-bodied cups with round chocolate notes and hints of candied nuts and florals. It is exceptionally well balanced and flavorful, which makes it great for use as both espresso and drip coffee.

Our Choice for In-House Espresso
The name Redd is a tribute to the salmon of the Russian River that connects both of Black Oak’s cafes as well as Mendocino and Sonoma county. This blend is used for espresso in both of our cafes. The composition of the blend is updated seasonally. This allows us to seamlessly transition between the most freshly harvested green coffee, while capturing the essence of the seasons.

Redd is carefully crafted to have the exceptional balance necessary to produce extraordinary cups of light espresso while maintaining a nuanced flavor that helps enhance the joys that are unique to the changing seasons.

Brew Notes
This coffee produces great cups with coffee:water ratios of about 1:15 and lower temperature brew water between 200-205°F

Size: 80oz

Roast Level: Light

Customer Reviews

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Nanette Heun
Excellent blend!

Delicious high quality beans, great for our espresso maker.

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