• Papua New Guinea - Bebes


Papua New Guinea - Bebes

Fluffy marshmallow and dark chocolate combine to make the perfect cold-weather coffee

Marshmallow, Dark Chocolate, Caramel



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Subtle notes of marshmallow overlap with the dark chocolate and fruity cacao nibs. As the marshmallow and fruit fades, the dark chocolate and sweetness lingers along with hints of brown spice. A wonderful flavor profile for cold winter days.  

Producer Notes: 

The geography of the Papua New Guinea Eastern Highlands is nearly perfect for coffee cultivation: high altitudes, rich volcanic soils, abundant rainfall, and mild temperatures. However, the extremely mountainous terrain means that agriculture is limited to less than half a percent of Papua New Guinea’s total land area. The lack of continuous arable land and extreme remoteness makes good lots of Papua New Guinean coffee quite rare.

In order to overcome these unique challenges, Sero Bebes planted a 34 hectare farm and built a washing station to process the coffee on the same site. The eponymously named farm and washing station, started in 1968, allows Bebes a great amount of control over the coffee farming and milling process. The fruit of his labor is a delicious and complex cup, a testament to the efforts of a dedicated farm operator.

Brew Notes
This coffee produces good cups with a wide range of standard brew techniques. We recommend using between a 1:12 and 1:15 brew ratio and steeping with water between 195-205℉ for between two and four minutes.

Varieties:  Typica      Processing Method: Washed

Size: 12oz      Roast: Light

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